24 Hour AA Zoom Meetings

24 hour aa zoom meetings

This is a 24 hour aa zoom meeting that is open to anyone in recovery. The meetings are 60 minutes long and the format is either reading a page or two from the big book and opening up to sharing. Also meetings are open to read a piece of aa literature and slogans or gratitude.


Internet trolls have been zoom bombing recovery meetings by taking advantage of lax zoom meeting default settings. This is not only annoying to participants but can be very distracting.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

To protect anonymity and safety, we encourage groups to set internal meeting controls that have been proven deterrents for disruptors. These settings are discussed in detail below.

Disable Private Chat: This prevents participants from sending messages to each other during the meeting and cuts down on distractions. It also makes it harder for trolls to join the meeting without being noticed.

Some groups have chosen to use the one link option with a password included in the link. This requires all participants to enter the password manually which may make it more difficult for trolls to get into the meeting, but also reduces how often the meeting is disrupted.


Many groups choose to mute all Participants while the meeting is in session to cut down on background noise and give Participants the option to unmute themselves when they would like to speak. Some meetings wishing to keep things more orderly and structured elect not to allow Participants to unmute themselves-this is a matter of Group Conscience.

Some groups limit chat to the host only and disable the file transfer feature in order to prevent the meeting from being bombarded with GIFs, memes, and pictures. Other groups have implemented a waiting room in which a disruptive Participant can be sent. Whether or not to send a disruptor to the waiting room is a matter of Group Conscience.

When Deaf AAs share, meeting hosts often spotlight their video for everyone to see (Right click on their picture and select Spotlight). This can be overwhelming for members who are muted and are not familiar with toggling mute.


Zoom meetings can be attended from a computer, tablet or smartphone. To join a Zoom meeting, find one using AA’s Find Meetings page and click the green “Join Zoom Meeting” button. You can choose to join with or without video.

Zoom has a number of internal security features to prevent unwanted participants from entering your meetings. It allows you to assign a password to your meetings and restricts access to certain participants. It also has the ability to automatically put guests on hold until you’re ready to let them in.

The Zoom web portal enables you to manage your account and edit your profile. You can also view upcoming meetings and access the Zoom Help Center. You can also connect your Zoom account to a third-party calendar service or use SSO to sign in.

Meeting Formats

As the COVID-19 restrictions lifted AA members made the quick transition to online meetings via Zoom. It has become the default meeting format for AA.

In this meeting format, attendees review 20 images for 20 seconds each in order to brainstorm, innovate, and cultivate ideas. Often used by developers, this type of meeting is a fun and engaging way to help team members think creatively.

Whether you’re working with a global team or just need to share a few updates each day, this meeting format is a great way to increase accountability and communication within your team. Only hosts or cohosts can mute participants and remove them from the meeting if they are disturbing. This feature helps reduce the risk of a meeting hijack.

Meeting Schedule

Zoom has security layers to make sure only “authenticated zoom users” can join a meeting. This is a good thing, because “zoom bombing” is considered hacking and it’s against the 7th Tradition. You will be asked to enter your email address, and then you will receive an email that you click on to verify you are a zoom user. Then you will be invited to the meeting. The meeting schedule is updated often. If you do not see a virtual meeting for the day you want, contact one of the A.A. resources below for the meetings and resources in your area.