5 Alternatives to Zoom

alternatives to Zoom

Zoom is an excellent video conferencing solution, but it’s not perfect. The service has been experiencing problems with large-scale outages and is also susceptible to security breaches.

For this reason, you might want to look for alternatives to Zoom. We’ve put together a list of some of the best options to help you choose the right software for your business.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.


Slack is a cloud-based communication software that allows teams to communicate with each other through instant messaging, audio and video calls. They can also share files and tools.

It has an intuitive design and responsive user interface that evolves as needed. It’s a popular choice for businesses of all sizes and a good option for remote employees.

The software is available for desktop and mobile platforms. It has a free version and a paid plan.

A great feature of Slack is the ability to create channels, organized spaces where people can share information and work together. They can be used for anything, from project planning to team communication.

They can be set to private or public, and you can search for members in your workspace. They can also be viewed by time and location, making it easy to keep up with conversations across multiple locations.


Livestorm is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) video conferencing platform that enables users to host online meetings, virtual events, and webinars. Its free plan allows up to four events and instant meetings, while the Premium and Enterprise plans offer more features.

While the app is fairly simple, it has a large number of integrations that allow users to connect with a wide range of third-party tools. This includes Google Analytics, MailChimp, YouTube live, Zapier, SalesMate, Zenkit, TypeForm, and Salesforce.

In addition, it has a robust reporting suite that lets you track key metrics and engagement data. This includes live views, unique video views, screen shares, and the total length of all sessions.

The company is also committed to ensuring its customers get the best support. This means it has a dedicated team that offers customer support via email, chats, phone calls, and video tutorials.

Meet Now

Meet Now is an instant video conferencing tool that integrates with Skype and is available for free on Windows 10. It allows you to easily start a meeting right from the Taskbar and invite up to 100 people for calls that can last 24 hours.

You can also host meetings through a web link. The link will open Skype for Web in your default browser, and you can invite participants via email or chat.

The link will be sent to you when you launch the Skype app, and you can copy it and share it with others. You can even use this feature to create video calls with other apps, such as Microsoft Edge.

As Zoom takes a beating for its privacy and security issues, Skype is trying to regain mindshare by marketing its own solutions that are easier to use. It’s a good move, as it will give users confidence that their data is safe when they use Skype.


Chanty is an AI-powered communication application that lets you view the most relevant messages and chat conversations. It also learns how you search for information within the application and delivers the right material based on those searches.

In addition, it features built-in tasks that allow you to manage your conversations and messages. You can convert them into tasks and create workflows to track their progress, set deadlines, and control the status and priority of each task.

It also offers a Kanban board view to make Task Management easy for teams of all sizes and industries. It’s designed to help you collaborate with your team to get things done faster and smarter.