A Review of Upward News

Upward News Review

Upward News is an email newsletter that aims to inform its readers about the latest developments in the world. It is produced by a team of writers, editors, graphic designers, and video editors, and aims to tell the truth no matter what the cost. We live in a polarized society, and the legacy media often portrays the news in a depressing manner. The Upward News newsletter attempts to change that perception.

It’s a free, independent news newsletter you can sign up for. The news stories are written by journalists who do not follow political or corporate interests. This ensures the accuracy of every story, as well as the relevance of the news. You can subscribe to the newsletter at no cost.

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What is Upward News?

Founded in 2020, Upward News aims to be a news resource that is independent and produces authentic stories. With a team of journalists, graphic designers, and video editors, Upward News aims to empower readers and provide them with the information they need to stay informed. The newsletter is completely free and is meant to inform the country and inspire people to think beyond their own personal perspectives, beyond current events and political parties. It is free to read, but it will cost you nothing to subscribe.

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Upward News is a fact-based publication in the U.S. that rejects the “woke” ideology of the left. Its articles on health care and the environment are critical of the elite establishment. In one piece, Upward News argued that reverse racism is real. Upward News also published articles critical of the recent lockdowns and policies.

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