Are OA Meetings Online?

Are OA meetings online? Yes, they are. Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a fellowship of men and women who have the same common struggle with food. Meetings are held online as well as in person and anyone can attend them. Meetings are free, open to the public, and are run by volunteers. All you have to do to join the meeting is volunteer. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an area where you can’t make it in person.

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a fellowship of men and women who come together to share experience, strength and hope around shared struggles with food

OA meetings last approximately an hour and are open to all. Newcomers may ask questions before the meeting or pick up a Question and Answers pamphlet. Although the meetings are free, donations are needed to keep the organization running and provide literature for the membership. In addition to the membership fees, OA also supports various service bodies, such as a food bank.

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OA meetings are usually open to anyone, and open meetings are held in all time zones. Meetings can also be held remotely so that those living in different time zones can participate. Additionally, attendees can remain anonymous while attending virtual meetings. Some members may prefer to attend closed meetings in order to be more private about their struggles with food.

OA meetings are held in person and online

OA meetings are self-directed, autonomous, and recorded. Any member can log into meetings and participate, and some meetings record the meeting. By logging in, members agree to let others record the meeting. In some cases, meeting participants use fictitious names, but contact information may still be available. This ensures anonymity and safety for all members. Meetings last for about an hour. Once a meeting is over, members are encouraged to connect with other members, as well as ask questions.

OA meetings are conducted both in person and online. Some meetings are focused on a specific topic, such as Bariatric Surgery, the LGBT community, or anorexics/bulics. However, no matter which group you are a part of, you can still attend meetings for guidance. Online meetings are also an excellent place to ask questions and get answers to your burning questions. Many members of the OA program are eager to share their experiences.

OA meetings are open to anyone

OA meetings are open to anyone. The meetings last one hour. After the meeting, members often congregate and talk to each other. New members are asked to give their first name during the initial meeting, but are not required to share anything else. A typical meeting is comprised of anywhere from five to thirty people, with a volunteer leading the meeting. The meetings usually follow the same format. It is recommended that new members check out meetings before coming.

You can find OA meetings by searching its Find a Meeting page. You can attend meetings in person or virtually. If face-to-face meetings are not available in your area, you can use the OA’s phone meetings. However, if those times conflict with your schedule, you can also participate in meetings via phone or online. If you’d like to attend an OA meeting, you can always call the contact person or look for the meeting on the website.

OA members volunteer to help keep the meeting going

Some OA members volunteer to help keep the meeting running by holding positions like group treasurer, secretary, greeter, and more. Volunteering not only helps members stay compulsively abstinent, but also gives them a chance to give back to the Fellowship. Service opportunities exist at all levels of the Fellowship, from setting up chairs at meetings to serving on the Board of Trustees. You can also join the OA board and become a group secretary.

Overeaters Anonymous meetings usually last an hour or one and a half. Before each meeting, newcomers can pick up literature or ask questions. The Newcomers Packet has answers to many common questions. As a nonprofit organization, OA relies on donations from members to keep meetings running smoothly. Donations go to pay rent for meeting space, purchase literature, and support service bodies. Volunteers also help to organize events, run the meetings, and maintain the website.

OA members participate in special focus meetings

OA members are able to join special focus meetings online to share their experiences with others suffering from similar conditions. The special focus meetings list includes topics such as 100 Pounders, Anorexic/Bulimic, Bariatric Surgery, Health Issues, LGBT and Young People. The online meetings are free and open to all OA members. In addition to teleconference meetings, OA holds regular, in-person meetings and also hosts telephone meetings.

The meetings generally last about an hour. It is possible to meet three to thirty other members, though most meetings are about nine people. You can ask questions and pick up literature to support your journey. OA is supported by member contributions. The organization uses donations to cover the cost of renting the meeting space and purchasing literature. The money also goes towards supporting its service bodies. If you’re new to the organization, the Where Do I Start pamphlet is particularly helpful.

OA members can find a sponsor

OA members may refer to a Higher Power as their sponsor. However, the organization does not promote any specific religious ideology. Rather, members are encouraged to apply the principles of the 12 Steps to their personal lives, and each person approaches the program’s spiritual philosophy with their own Higher Power in mind. If you are searching for a sponsor for an OA member, there are many options available online. To find a sponsor, simply search for the organization’s website or contact a member of the membership directory.

Many OA members choose to volunteer their time to help keep meetings running smoothly. They can serve as group secretary, treasurer, or greeter. This service not only helps OA members stop eating compulsively, it also gives back to the Fellowship. Members can volunteer at all levels of the Fellowship, from setting up chairs at meetings to serving on the Board of Trustees. These activities are not only a valuable way to give back to the organization, but are a rewarding way to meet other OA members and support the cause of OA.