Are There Online AA Meetings?

are there online aa meetings

If you are thinking about attending online AA meetings, it’s important to understand that these groups are regulated and open to everyone. Typically, the meetings are run by volunteers. They also follow the core concepts of AA.

The meetings are available in different formats, from real-time chat to email. Some are specialized, such as for women or the military. Others are more flexible, such as discussion board meetings.

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They are regulated by the OIAA

Online AA meetings function much like live AA meetings do, but with the added bonus of being held at home. Most of the time, one person will lead the meeting with a talk about their recovery journey and others may share as well. There are also discussion meetings where a topic is chosen and participants discuss it. A typical meeting will start with a short reading from the Big Book. Afterwards, the group will close with a moment of silence or by reciting the Responsibility Statement or other A.A. text.

A nonprofit established at the dawn of the Internet, the OIAA collects information on AA meetings that take place online and provides general guidance and philosophies to members. There are also volunteers available to answer questions over email 24/7. While online AA might not be as social as in-person AA, it is flexible and convenient for those who cannot travel or are immunocompromised due to COVID-19.

They are open to everyone

Online AA meetings are open to everyone who is interested in recovery. They can be found by searching on a site like Zoom or using the AA website’s “Find Meetings” feature. They usually last an hour and involve reading excerpts from the Big Book, discussing AA literature, and sharing experiences about alcoholism and recovery. Some groups offer specific types of online meetings, such as those for LGBTQ members or young people.

AA groups have been offering online meetings for years before the coronavirus pandemic, and they are available in many different formats. Some use video conferencing software or apps, while others use forums or chat rooms. These meetings are a great way to stay connected during the pandemic and help people find sobriety. They are also more accessible to those who cannot attend in-person meetings due to health or logistical issues. AA also offers specialized meetings for immunocompromised patients and people with disabilities. The AA’s directory is diligently refreshed, and you can find online meetings by type and location.

They are free

Online AA meetings are a great option for people who can’t make it to in-person meetings. They are easy to join and operate similarly to in-person meetings. They typically feature a speaker who shares their experience, strength, and hope with the rest of the group. In addition to speakers, many online AA meetings also include members reading from the Big Book and sharing their own experiences with alcohol addiction.

There are different formats for online AA meetings, including video conferences and telephone calls. Meetings may be open or closed, and the members determine their format. Some online AA meetings use video chat, while others use a free conference call service.

To attend an online AA meeting, you will need a computer or smartphone with a reliable Internet connection. The AA website’s ’Find Meetings’ page allows you to search for meetings by date, time, and location. Once you’ve found a meeting, click the green ‘Join with Video’ or ‘Join without Video’ button. Then, follow the instructions to join the meeting.

They are flexible

Online AA meetings are held in different locations and on many platforms. Some are video conferences with participants’ faces visible, while others are audio-only calls or dial-in conference numbers. Each group decides the format and when to meet. Groups also determine if they will be open or closed and offer groups for specific genders, ethnicities and political affiliations. These meetings are a great option for people who aren’t able to make it to in-person AA meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other reasons.

Many alcoholics don’t attend AA meetings because of transportation issues, mobility challenges, child care or social anxiety. Meetings that are available online are an excellent solution to these problems and are a growing trend during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online AA meetings are flexible and can take place at any time of the day, including holidays. They typically last 60 minutes. The chairperson of the meeting may start by reading a page or two from the Big Book and then open the meeting to sharing.