Are There Online AA Meetings?

are there online aa meetings

Are there online AA meetings? While in-person meetings are more convenient for some people, there are several pros to online AA meetings. For starters, you avoid the costs and risks associated with traveling to meetings, as well as the potential for infection. Additionally, online meetings are especially beneficial to people who have limited timetables. Whether you’re looking for anonymity or convenience, AA online meetings are worth trying.

Anonymity at aa meetings

Anonymity at A.A. meetings has long been a core principle of the organization. The founders were recovering alcoholics who knew firsthand how ashamed and frightened most alcoholics are of their drinking habits and of their own exposure. The social stigma of alcoholism was very great, and they recognized that confidentiality was important in drawing other alcoholics to their meetings. However, the practice of maintaining anonymity has been controversial.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
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Regardless of whether or not people want to remain anonymous at AA meetings, the main purpose of this practice is to avoid embarrassment. While there is no need for total anonymity, it is important not to reveal personal information outside the group. Likewise, members should avoid repeating what they say at meetings. Members should also avoid using their real names or faces in public. Members are not expected to speak for the organization as a whole, as this could damage the group’s reputation.

Convenience for people with a limited timetable

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Benefits of aa meetings on Skype

Online AA meetings on Skype offer many benefits for alcoholics. The meeting format is similar to the traditional one, but the members are all online instead of physically gathered together. Skype makes this type of meeting much more accessible for people who need to attend meetings at odd hours, are unable to attend live meetings, or simply prefer convenience. Online meetings are also more private and anonymous, as users cannot take screenshots or reproduce content. Participants may also choose to create anonymous accounts if they feel they need to protect their privacy.

In addition to enabling participants to participate in anonymous meetings, Skype allows meeting participants to use headphones. Users should also make sure that their computers are up-to-date in order to avoid any technical problems. In addition, they should be able to troubleshoot issues, which can occur during a meeting, and use the appropriate tools to maintain their computers. The participants can use headphones or mute their microphones by selecting the appropriate button in the conversation window. Most meetings on Skype are conducted without video, to limit bandwidth and keep the system stable. One should not be the meeting chairperson, as they can accidentally take up everyone’s time.

Moderation of aa meetings on Skype

In the past, A.A. meetings were held in person, on the phone, and even outdoors in outdoor settings. Today, there are numerous platforms that facilitate A.A. meetings, including video and telephone meetings. Many meetings use Skype to hold AA meetings. Some meetings use dial-in conference call numbers. Below are some tips to facilitate A.A. meetings on Skype. Whether you choose to hold your meetings in person or online, these tips will help you facilitate a successful meeting.