Are There Online AA Meetings?

are there online aa meetings

Whether you’re new to Alcohol Anonymous or you’ve been doing this for years, you may wonder, “Are there online AA meetings?” The answer to that question depends on what kind of AA meeting you’re interested in. You may want to look into online AA meetings if you have a hard time making it to an in-person meeting or if you have a co-occurring condition that makes it difficult to attend meetings in person. However, online AA meetings aren’t always the best option.

These meetings are run by members

AA meetings are for alcoholics who want to recover from their alcoholism and for their families and friends. Alcoholics Anonymous is a non-profit organization that does not provide employment or housing. Instead, they give members a chance to develop a satisfying life without alcohol. It is a 12-step program that consists of three main components.

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The first component is the group meeting. The meetings are usually conducted by members of the AA. The meetings are open to both alcoholics and non-alcoholics.

The second component is the speaker meeting. In this type of meeting, a member of the group shares his or her experience with drinking and alcoholism. The meetings are generally large. They can range from five to fifty or sixty people. They are usually upbeat. They start with the A.A. Preamble, the Serenity Prayer and a reading from The Big Book. The meeting is usually concluded with a moment of silence.

They follow the same traditions and principles of in-person meetings

AA meetings can take place in many formats, from the standard weekly meeting to telephone conferences, and from a local club to the distant reaches of the world wide web. Online meetings offer many advantages for those who cannot make it to a meeting, or those who live in remote locales.

One of the benefits of online meetings is that they are available in different time zones around the world. This allows for more efficient scheduling and more convenient access for those who work odd hours or travel. It is also possible to participate in online meetings in small or large groups, and the number of online AA groups continues to grow.

Although online AA is not for everyone, some people may still wish to attend meetings in person. For those who do, the online version is a great way to engage in meaningful conversation without leaving the comfort of their own home.

They can be helpful for people with co-occurring conditions

AA meetings are held in a number of guises. There are meetings that are televised, meetings that are held over the phone and meetings that are held in real life venues such as a bar or a club. In addition, there are AA meetings that are held online.

The most successful AA meetings are those that are run by qualified leaders. Having a leader that understands the AA program can mean the difference between sobriety and a lifelong membership in a recovery club. Some treatment facilities even offer aftercare groups that can help you stay on the right track. The best part about these groups is that they are open to everyone, no matter what your past record may be.

There are also many online AA meetings, many of which are free. The best ones are run by people with a proven track record in AA and are located on sites with high-speed Internet connections.