Benefits of Online Meetings for AA

online meetings for aa

Joining an A.A. group online is a great way to meet other members of the organization. There are several advantages of online meetings, but what should you consider before joining a group? Here are some tips:


The internet has made it easier to connect with support groups such as AA, so it’s no surprise that there are also AA meetings available online. Whether you’re suffering from a substance abuse disorder or are simply looking for some extra support, finding online AA meetings offers many benefits. These include the ability to attend meetings at your own convenience and the fellowship of people from similar situations. Listed below are some benefits of online meetings for AA.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Online meetings are convenient. Online meetings are accessible to people with disabilities or those with limited transportation. Online meetings are especially helpful for people who can’t attend meetings in person because of time constraints or health concerns. People who are immunocompromised or work outside the usual meeting hours may be unable to attend regular meetings. Online meetings can provide the same community, support and focus, which can be difficult to find in offline groups.


Rules for online meetings for AA are the same as those for face-to-face meetings, with the exception of the location and length. Online meetings follow the same format as live meetings. The speaker presents his or her story of recovery, and attendees share their own stories. Online meetings are anonymous, so no one can record the meetings or reproduce the content. The meeting chair chooses the format, which may include reading from the big book or sharing a story.


There are pros and cons to joining AA online. While the advantages are mainly the same, you should be aware that not every online AA meeting is right for you. The two formats differ in several ways, including their accessibility and comfort level. You should weigh the pros and cons of each, and decide which works best for you. Joining online meetings may not be as close to people you know in person, but it’s still an excellent option if you’re unable to attend an in-person meeting.

First, you have to attend an actual meeting. Meetings generally start with a prayer and the A.A. preamble. There may be a time for you to introduce yourself, but you’ll want to sit where you’ll feel comfortable. There are also meetings that don’t involve sharing, such as those that are solely for anniversaries or introductions. It’s important to attend an AA meeting at least once in your life to become involved in the program.

Meeting attendance verification

One of the best ways to verify a meeting’s attendance is by using a special form. This form must be signed by the chairperson or another authorized representative. The sign-in form must also contain the name and signature of the person requesting the verification, as well as the date and topic of discussion. Once the sign-in form is signed by everyone present, the meeting chairperson should then read the contents and check for accuracy.

Whether or not you want to use a meeting attendance verification form is largely dependent on your jurisdiction. The A.A. program emphasizes the importance of anonymity. Some members may feel uncomfortable signing their full names or providing personal information for fear of public identification. The Tradition of Anonymity is designed to protect A.A. members, especially newcomers, from having their personal information shared publicly. In addition, each A.A. group is separate, and therefore has its own set of rules. While some jurisdictions may allow this practice, others may not.