Can Online Meetings Be Recorded?

can online meetings be recorded

If you’ve ever wanted to record your online meetings, you’re not alone. There are many different services available that can record your meetings. These include Zoom, Panopto Express, GoTo Meeting, and Skype. If you’d like to record your next online meeting, read on to learn more about the services and tools available.


You can choose to record a Zoom online meeting to your computer’s hard drive. This is the default setting, but you can also choose a different location. Once the recording has been made, you can play it back using your default media player. If you prefer to keep a recording of the meeting in the cloud, Zoom offers a cloud recording service. This service requires a paid subscription.

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To record a Zoom meeting, simply click the Recording icon at the top-right corner of the meeting window. You can then stop, pause, or share the recording with participants. The recording will be available in your “My Recordings” section on the Zoom website. Alternatively, you can access it in the Meetings tab in the Zoom desktop application.

If you are recording a Zoom meeting on a Mac, you can do so easily using keyboard shortcuts. Using a Mac, you can press Command + Shift + 5 to record your screen. You will then be able to select the window or part of the screen you want to record. You can also choose to record the entire screen.

Panopto Express

With Panopto Express, you can easily record online meetings and share them with others. The program detects the recording devices and automatically opens with video capture enabled. You can also toggle off the video feed and choose audio input. Once the recording is complete, you can choose to share the recordings with others.

Panopto also comes with intuitive video editing tools. This makes it easy to edit and share your recordings. You can easily cut out the casual conversations and confidential moments to highlight important takeaways and edit the video to make it readable. It also allows you to splice together several meetings into a single video and share it with others.

Panopto Express also enables users to add notes and bookmarks to recordings. Moreover, the software automatically creates a table of contents, so you can easily locate the information you need in the recording. In addition, you can record more than one screen at a time. This is useful if you need to present from several screens. Before recording, be sure to select all the screens you want to record.

GoTo Meeting

GoToMeeting has a built-in recording feature, which allows you to capture all or part of the session. When you start recording, the recording window will display a notification to all attendees. The recording window also includes a clock, camera, and a palette button for adding special effects to the recording. The recording window can be closed to stop recording.

Once a recording has been finished, you can view it in the Meeting History section of the meeting. You can also share the recording link with other people. To do this, you need to have an account admin. To enable the recording feature, you need to be logged into your GoToMeeting account.

GoToMeeting users can record their meetings using the Admin Center. From here, they can troubleshoot common problems and monitor the usage of their GoToMeeting account. In the Admin Center, users can also access their user settings. The user settings are located on the left-hand sidebar. Under the Status and Features sections, you can select whether you want to record your meeting locally or in the cloud. You can also change the default location where the recording files will be stored, if you like.


You can record Skype online meetings in several ways. First, you need to decide whether or not you want to record the meeting. For this, you need to use the recording manager. This will let you view the files you’ve recorded and to rename them. You can also move the recordings and share them with other users. However, be careful: clicking on the Delete button will permanently delete the file. However, if you close the chat window without saving it, the recording will still remain.

Another option for recording Skype meetings is to use a microphone. You can also connect a USB webcam to the audio device. Make sure the microphone and webcam are working properly. If the audio is not working, the recording button will be gray. If the audio is connected, enable it first and then click the record button. You can also pause or stop the recording automatically.

If you want to record your Skype meeting, you need to use a software that can record your meetings. The software you can use is called Movavi Screen Recorder. It can record everything you see on the screen, as well as audio from your computer. You can crop the screen and record the entire screen, or you can select an individual window.