Can You Find an OA Meeting Online Or by Phone?

are oa meetings online

OA has been helping people recover from eating disorders since its inception. However, you may be wondering if you can find an OA meeting online or by phone.

OA meetings are a safe place where compulsive eaters can meet others who have similar struggles. They can share their stories and learn more about OA.

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Meetings are held online

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is an international organization that has over 6,000 meetings worldwide. Meetings are held online or in person and give members an opportunity to share their experiences and strength.

The OA program relies on the Twelve-Step model and allows members to remain anonymous. What is shared in a meeting stays in the group and is not shared publicly.

Meetings are usually held between one and a half hours and include a time for questions. Newcomers are welcome to attend an OA meeting and may pick up literature to help them understand the program.

The program is based on the Twelve Steps, which focus on recovery on three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. This approach helps members deal with their issues in a healthy way. The OA meetings are also a good place to ask questions and find a sponsor, someone who can relate to their struggles. This will help you feel more at ease in the group.

Meetings are held by phone

Meetings are one of the key tools of recovery from compulsive eating in Overeater’s Anonymous (OA). These gatherings allow members to share their personal experiences, strength and hope with others who have similar problems.

The OA program adheres to anonymity, so members can share their thoughts and feelings freely without concern for the risk of gossip or retaliation. This helps members to feel safe and secure and enables them to focus on their recovery.

OA also has a number of resources available to its members. These include meetings, literature, writing, and regular check-ins from sponsors.

OA’s meetings, writing and literature programs can help you identify your challenges and discover solutions. They can also give you the tools to live more wholesomely and achieve your goals in a healthy way.

Meetings are held in person

In OA meetings, members share their experience, strength and hope about how working the Twelve Step program is helping them with their recovery. Meetings are usually held once a week, and last from an hour to a half.

They typically begin with the serenity prayer, and someone will share for about 10 minutes about their life before OA and how it’s changed since they found the program. After that, someone might read from OA literature or AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) literature, and other members share their experiences and strength.

OA meetings are open to anyone, whether they live in the same country or across the globe. They offer a great way to get the support you need without having to leave your home.

OA has over 6,500 registered meetings worldwide, both in-person and virtual. You can find a meeting near you by using the search tool on our website.

Meetings are held on the internet

There are several ways to attend OA meetings, including in person or on the internet. Meetings are generally held twice a week, and members can find out if there is a meeting in their area by using the Find a Meeting page on the OA website.

During meetings, a speaker will usually share about their experiences with eating disorder. Others may read from OA or AA literature, and everyone is encouraged to ask questions.

One of the principles of OA is anonymity, so that people can freely discuss their problems with food without having to worry about gossip or embarrassment. This allows for a safe environment for people to share and recover from their struggles with compulsive overeating.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, OA also has telephone support, which is an excellent tool for members to use when they need help the most. This can be especially helpful for those who are unable to make it to a meeting.