Church Activities to Keep Your Youth Busy

Zoom church activities

Whether you are in the middle of planning a large church event or simply looking for activities to entertain the kids in your youth group, there are many ways to keep your youth busy. You can incorporate crafts, charades, and even a Jeopardy game into your church events. You can also add Bible story presentations, songs, and other fun activities to your youth programs.


Charades at Zoom church activities are a great way to bring together your congregation. These games can be played online or in person, but the same rules apply. Using a microphone, you can invite participants to act out Bible stories. The game can be tailored to fit the theme of your group or congregation.

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For younger kids, a simple game like Silly Faces is easy to play. You can create a bingo card that the group can use to help them stay focused. The winner of each round is the first team to get a correct answer.

For older kids and teens, a more challenging version of charades is the Bible Mad Gab game. You can print out cardstock for this activity, or you can have your players use an app or photo editing software.

Another fun game is Pictionary. In this game, players draw a picture and everyone else guesses what the drawing is. If you want to use your phone, you can set a timer.


One of the best ways to engage your congregation is through church activities. These can range from craft projects to engaging Bible story presentations. They are a great way to get young members involved and also give you an opportunity to bring them closer to God.

The online Joke Game is a fun activity that your youth can participate in. It requires a few minutes of preparation on your part before the event. A good way to get started is to survey your congregation for volunteers. Those who are able to participate can then have their own dedicated time to make up a funny story.

Another fun online game that will be a hit with your group is Jeopardy. It has a modern day twist to it, and can be played by multiple teams or with a single team. You can customize it with your own score keeping system and your own theme.

Bible story presentations

Interactive Bible story presentations are a fun way to engage your children in learning. They can also help build your church community. These presentations can be made using different tools.

For the younger kids, it can be fun to incorporate games. In addition, you can use crafts to reinforce what you are teaching. Make sure to keep these sessions short and sweet so that they aren’t overwhelming.

Another good way to involve your youth is to have a game of charades. This can be played on a video chat or in person. This type of activity will allow the participants to have a meaningful conversation.

There are many other creative ways to have an interactive Bible story presentation. Some ideas include using pictures and signs to guess the characters’ names. Other options include having multiple people share a PowerPoint presentation.

Another great way to have a fun Bible lesson is to have a small group discussion. You can have up to 6-10 kids meet each week to discuss a particular Bible story. This will engage the children’s hearts through dynamic worship.


Jeopardy at Zoom is an interactive game that allows a group to test their knowledge on various topics. It can be played with a small or large group, and is a fun way to bring your congregation together.

The Zoom platform allows you to set up breakout sessions. Teams of four or five take turns choosing questions. Once each team has a question, the other players ring in and confirm the correct answer.

One of the best ways to play Zoom Jeopardy is through a video game. With this method, the host or moderator moderates the game and the other players watch and participate.

Another option for playing is to use a slide show template. Using this format can make the setup process easier. Organizers can use Google Slides to create their own template.

This game can also be played online. To play the virtual version, players use an app. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.