Engage Your Congregation With Zoom Church Activities

Zoom church activities

Whether you’re looking for a way to engage members of your congregation through games, crafts, or other fun activities, there’s something to fit any taste. Jeopardy, for example, is an old favorite, but you can make it more fun with a twist. Or maybe you’d rather play Charades. Whatever you choose, it will be sure to bring smiles to faces and spark conversation. The possibilities are endless.


There are many crafts at Zoom church activities. Many crafts are adaptable for online use. For example, a flower arranging workshop can be adapted to work with a video recording. DIY cleaners can also be adapted for use online. There are also many board games that can be played through video. Some of these games can be played with Zoom’s whiteboard feature. You can also use this feature to play Pictionary. For more information, see How to Host a Virtual Game Night.

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It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Another fun way to engage Zoom church attendees is by making games and activities available on the website. There are many games and crafts you can choose from, especially for the younger crowd. During the games, you can also use apps to engage the congregation. For example, one game that can engage kids is Jeopardy for Church, where participants must guess which drawing is related to the lesson. It is best to keep the game to 20-30 minutes so that everyone can participate.


You can engage your congregation with Zoom church activities. The games and crafts are great ways to engage the young members of your congregation. If you want to spice up the game, try playing Jeopardy at Zoom! The popular game has a virtual twist, and is suitable for large and small congregations. To get started, download the free Jeopardy at Zoom program and create your own presentation with categories.

One way to make a Jeopardy at Zoom activity even more exciting is to bring in a team of players. Teams can have multiple teams or use a single team to compete against each other. It’s a great way to build team spirit in your congregation. Jeopardy at Zoom has been a fun activity for the whole family, and it’s a great way to bring people together in the community!


If your church has a lot of young children, you can also incorporate a game of Bible charades into the service. Assign students to Bible characters and have them act them out for the others. You can even use a paper towel roll as a microphone. You can also use any other type of microphone. After all, if it’s a fun way to learn about God’s character, why not use it?

A fun way to engage the youth in a meaningful conversation is to organize a game like Charades at Zoom. These fun activities require players to prepare a talent or joke. Not only does this help them practice, but it also helps them build community. Besides, it also provides an opportunity to teach scriptures. Whether the youth choose to play a musical instrument or act out a famous movie, Charades will help them learn the gospel.

Jeopardy with a twist

A quick game of Jeopardy is the perfect way to get the team together at a Zoom church activity. Create teams and assign a team leader for each team. Players can then play as a group or individually. The host should make sure to include a note in the invites so that they know what to expect. After setting up the team, click “Start” before the scheduled start time.

Another activity is Yolking from Home!, a game show-themed activity that allows participants to compete in break-out rooms using their Zoom computer. There are six different games for participants to choose from. To participate in this interactive game, participants should have a reliable internet connection, Zoom, and headphones. It is recommended that participants be able to communicate effectively using their Zoom headsets. During this time, the participants will be challenged to think of creative ways to answer each other’s questions.

Jeopardy with a virtual character

One of the fun ways to engage your congregation is by playing Jeopardy with a virtual player! Whether your group is large or small, Jeopardy is a fun way to test everyone’s knowledge. You can choose from a wide range of topics, such as movies, music, literature, and more. The organizer should assign a scorekeeper and keep track of the categories already chosen. You can create your own presentation with categories and choose from among them: a passage from Lamentations or a lyric from a Taylor Swift song are great choices for your group to answer.

If you want to play Jeopardy with a virtual player, consider downloading a Jeopardy game. Using this format will spark your participants’ creativity, while also saving organizers time by eliminating the need to write questions. You can also display multiple questions on one screen with the help of the gallery mode. While watching Jeopardy is a common way to play the game, teams can create their own Jeopardy situations using online streams.