Engage Your Congregation With Zoom Church Activities

Zoom church activities

Zoom church activities can include a variety of fun activities for the whole congregation. Activities can range from Bible story presentations to Crafts and Jeopardy. You can present a new topic every night, and others can follow. One of the common complaints of today’s youth is boredom, and they turn to the television instead of spending time in the Word. By incorporating virtual games, Zoom church activities can help members stay engaged and connected. While youth will find these activities to be especially fun, they will also benefit adult members.


If you’re looking for ways to engage your congregation, one way to do so is through Crafts at Zoom church activities. These are fun activities for younger children and can also help your congregation develop a deeper understanding of God. Many people find that the creative process leads to a more clear mind.

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Crafts at Zoom church activities can be as simple as drawing, but there are other, more elaborate activities. The primary goal is to keep the children entertained for at least 30 minutes. Throughout the session, switch up activities to keep the children interested. For example, if the children are in multi-age groups, you might have one activity in which they have to listen for a specific word. For example, if the theme of the class is about bread, you could ask them to count how many times they hear that word. Another activity could involve drawing or playing near the session. In addition, children can pick up information by simply being in the room.


Jeopardy at Zoom is an interactive online game that can engage your congregation in a fun and engaging way. The game lets participants test their knowledge of various topics, such as Bible verses, famous quotes, and more. You can create your own categories and theme, assign a score keeper, and more. You can use this game to engage your congregation, whether it’s a large group or a small group.

This church activity is great for engaging young people in meaningful conversation. It requires each participant to prepare a joke or talent. The process helps the group to bond and teach scriptures.

Bible story presentations

Bible story presentations during Zoom church activities are a great way to share the story of God with kids. This type of ministry has several benefits. It teaches children about God and His love. It also helps the children grow closer to one another. It also provides a great resource for parents. In addition to the Bible story presentations, you can incorporate other church activities into the Zoom format, such as craft projects.

Bible story presentations can be interactive and exciting. Try assigning Bible characters to your members and having them act out the stories. Use a microphone, an empty paper towel roll, and other simple tools to create an engaging presentation.

Jeopardy at Zoom

Jeopardy at Zoom is a fun game that tests your group’s knowledge of a variety of topics. The game allows you to customize your team’s theme, create a score keeper, and adjust the difficulty level according to your group’s knowledge and experience. Plus, you can conduct the game online.

The game is similar to the sign game, where people have to answer questions to guess who you are. The host starts by introducing a famous person to the group. Then, they ask a series of yes/no questions and get answers from the group by nodding or pressing yes/no reaction buttons.

Jeopardy at Zoom church activities are a fun way to engage your youth in meaningful conversation. You can assign Bible characters to each team member or let them act out a story. You can use a microphone, empty paper towel roll, or other tools to create an engaging presentation. The only requirement is that you should be able to show your talent before the group. You can also create a fun environment by including the entire congregation in the process.

Jeopardy on Zoom

Jeopardy on Zoom is a fun game that is similar to a game of sign language. The player has to answer questions about a famous person by using a yes or no reaction button. The host asks questions to determine who the person is. Then, everyone in the waiting room has to guess who the person is by answering yes or no questions.

The game is based on the popular game show, Jeopardy. This trivia game show dates back to the 1960s and features a variety of categories. Each category has a value, with a higher value for the correct answer. The questions are all questions, and the answer must be given in the form of a question.