Engage Your Congregation With Zoom Church Activities

Zoom church activities

There are several ways to engage your congregation through Zoom church activities. If your congregation is young and inquisitive, games and crafts will surely keep them entertained. For a classic game with a virtual twist, try Jeopardy! Whether you have a large congregation or a small one, you can be sure that your participants will find it interesting. And, if you are an old soul, you can participate in the ‘Jeopardy for Church’ game.


If you’re looking for some fun games for your Zoom church activities, try these! Jeopardy is a fun game where participants compete to see who knows more about a specific topic than the rest of the group. You can use the Zoom function to create short quizzes or “Would You Rather” questions. There are countless questions you can use, and you can even make your own using Google Slides. Then, assign a score keeper to keep track of the categories that have been chosen. If you’re running a church activity, make a game out of your own topics, or make up some categories based on church years. You can also use an impromptu icebreaker, where you ask participants to clap or thumbs up for their guesses about a specific topic or quote.

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For a more traditional game, assign Bible Characters to each player. Then, during zoom time, the students can act out their character. You can also play classic games such as 20 Questions, in which players are required to guess the correct answer to 20 questions. Then, after the students have guessed the correct answer, they can compete to see who can get them all first. Games for Zoom church activities


With the technology available to use online, many church workshops can be converted to a Zoom workshop. Before starting your event, consider a few options for workshops. In addition to cooking and crafts, many DIY cleaners and flower arrangements are available. Board games can also be adapted to the Zoom format, including Pictionary. Here are some tips for using Zoom as a virtual game room:

Traditional Sunday school activities typically involve crafting a craft, but the virtual format of these videos makes them an excellent resource for parents. Parents can even use the videos to help their children learn about the gospel through simple art projects. A family can also upload photos to a shared Google Drive folder. It’s easy to get started with these activities! Alternatively, parents can simply download the videos and enjoy the church’s virtual formation sessions in the privacy of their own homes.


Before you start the game, you must set up the teams and assign team leaders. You can share the game template with other Zoom users. Alternatively, you can create your own game by using the archives of free Jeopardy games. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find Jeopardy templates. You can narrow your search by topics and can share your screen with others. In order to host the game, you must have a Zoom account.

The game involves getting the team to guess a quote from a famous book, movie, or song. You can create your own categories, too, using a free program like Google Slides. Jeopardy can help you bond with your members while also learning new information together. You can even use different categories from different categories in different church years. After all, what better way to teach the participants about each other than with a fun, interactive game?

Jeopardy – classic game with a virtual twist

You can play Jeopardy – a popular game with a virtual twist – at your Zoom church activities by bringing in a Jeopardy game. To play this game, all players must form equal teams. Each team must select a leader. The leader of the team will lead the game. To begin the game, you must click the “Select Teams” button in the meeting controls.

The official website of the game is Jeopardy Labs. You can create your own Jeopardy-style quizzes on Factile, which offers four game styles. You can also make your own Jeopardy quizzes on Sporcle, which features hundreds of quizzes and a dedicated Jeopardy section. Jeopardy Labs also has an official mobile game. It lets you play against friends or opponents.

Using your creativity to tell the Bible story

If you’re a teacher and are looking for a fun way to get your students involved with the Bible story, try creating a Bible story drama. You can use chalk, paints, or coloring books to illustrate the story. You can also make poster boards with the pictures and hang them somewhere. Bible action figures can be a fun way to illustrate the story and reward good behavior. They can act out the Bible story or act it out themselves.

First, make sure you have a blank sheet of paper and pencil. Divide the Bible story into four parts. Read the first section of the Bible story, then pause. Encourage your students to draw the story in one fourth of the paper. Then, ask them to draw the rest of the story within that portion. Once they’re finished, you can begin the next section. Repeat this process as many times as necessary.