Face to Face Vs Online Meetings

Face-to-face meetings are a great way to build strong relationships. Meetings in person can allow you to better read body language, facial expressions and context clues.

They can also help you better communicate your thoughts and feelings. For example, they can help you explain sensitive issues clearly without misinterpretation or express empathy.

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Online meetings are often less expensive than face to face meetings, as you don’t have to rent an office or other external space, spend on travel and provide refreshments. There are also fewer distractions, which can be useful for focusing on the task at hand.

However, if you’re a company that values sustainability, it may be better to stick with face to face meetings as online ones can lead to more pollution.

Meetings in person can also be more effective in building trust and establishing strong business relationships. Having an in-person meeting allows you to see each other’s body language and non-verbal communication, which can help to avoid any misunderstandings.


While face to face meetings are valuable, there is a time and place for online meetings too. They can be used for quick solutions and can help save money and time that would have been spent on travelling.

One of the biggest advantages of online meetings is their flexibility. They can be held anywhere in the world, and people can participate from their home or office.

Another advantage is that there are no travel costs for attendees to attend an online meeting. This is a big time and cost saver for businesses.

It also allows for remote workers to join the meeting, which can be helpful if they are on vacation or have other commitments. They can also drop out if they have other tasks that need to be completed.


A face to face meeting is a great way to get to know someone and build trust. They also help people gauge how others are feeling through body language and context clues.

Traditionally, when you wanted to meet someone in person you had to travel to their location. This takes up a lot of time, and is costly, especially when you need to travel interstate or overseas.

In the modern world, however, there is a better way to hold meetings and communicate. Online meetings, using software like ezTalks, can be very efficient. It is a great way to save on expensive travel costs and get the job done without having to waste precious company time.


Whether you’re working on a big project or just chatting about an idea, collaboration is the key to efficiently reaching your business goals. It involves coming up with new ideas, listening, and learning from others.

Teamwork also builds strong relationships. This helps employees feel a sense of belonging in the workplace and encourages open communication.

But when it comes to collaborating with your team, is an online meeting better than face to face?

To determine which is best for your company, take a moment to evaluate the goals of your meetings. If they are task-based – planning events, reviewing schedules or giving direction to your team – then a face-to-face meeting is a better choice.


Face to face meetings are ideal for discussing complex strategic and creative ideas with a group. They can also give participants the opportunity to visually illustrate their ideas on a whiteboard or piece of paper so everyone understands what they’re talking about.

Meetings in person are also a great way to forge personal relationships with your clients or coworkers. This can help you build trust and improve teamwork, especially when you’re working in a highly collaborative environment.

In addition, face-to-face interactions allow people to read nonverbal cues from their colleagues. This helps them respond to their colleagues in a clear and effective manner, and avoid miscommunication.