Free Conference Call Programs and Apps – Conduct Online Meetings For Free

online meetings for free

With free conference call programs and apps, corporations can conduct online meetings at a fraction of the cost of in-person meetings. Using a conference call application, companies can handle all business in real-time, and exclude any hands-on work. They can save money on travel, time, and other expenses by holding meetings online. Here are some of the benefits of online meetings. The ability to conduct all business in real-time is the most important benefit of free conference call programs and apps.


The first step in creating a Zoom meeting is to register. You’ll need to input an email address and password in order to join the meeting. Alternatively, you can visit the Zoom homepage and input the meeting id and link to join. To practice using Zoom, you can join a free trial meeting to see what the process is like. You can also try different features and customize the settings of the meeting. If you have trouble, consult a Zoom technical support team.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

You can start a Zoom meeting by installing a free Chrome extension or a plugin for Microsoft Outlook. When you start the meeting, you can choose your preferred settings. Zoom will allow you to record the meeting, so that you can share it with others. The recording will be available in your Zoom account’s recording directory. You can even download the audio and video recording to your computer or mobile device. You can pause, stop, and annotate the meeting on the screen so that others can view it later.

Google Hangout

Hangouts are free online meetings that can be conducted using Google’s web browser or mobile apps. Those with a Gmail account can easily sign in and begin text-based conversations. Video calls are also available for those who want to make a more personal meeting. The free version of Hangouts is available to Gmail users who have a smartphone. This way, everyone can join the meeting. But the paid version requires a Gmail subscription.

To use the free version, you must first sign up for a Google account. You can use either your personal or workplace email account to register for a free Google account. You can also add other people without creating an account. If you want to use Hangouts for business, you can buy access to the paid version of the platform. The cost of G Suite starts at $6 per month, and you get unlimited storage if you buy a G Suite Enterprise subscription.


You can sign up for a free ezTalks account and host online meetings with up to three people. You can share desktop, videos, pictures, and executable files during the meeting. You can also record your meeting with the “Record This Meeting” feature. The user-friendly interface of ezTalks allows even beginners to start and stop a meeting in no time. Using ezTalks is free, but if you’re a frequent user, you should upgrade to the premium version for more features and access to unlimited connections.

The ezTalks platform is a great choice for businesses and organizations looking for free video conferencing. The software is available on Mac, Windows PC, and Android and iOS devices. It also features HD audio and video with a 1920 * 1080 resolution. You can even adjust the resolution to fit your bandwidth. If you’re worried about privacy, ezTalks’ service offers a free, simple, and secure alternative.


If you are looking for an online meeting tool that can organize meetings, consider Docket. This free software includes meeting tools and video conferencing for a seamless meeting experience. It helps you create a meeting agenda and take notes, assign action items, and distribute meeting recaps. Whether you’re planning a meeting with a team or need to share resources before a meeting, Docket has everything you need.

One of the best things about Docket is its free version, which makes it easy to use for small teams. There’s also a free version for teams, so you can try it out before spending money. Other alternatives to Docket include AsyncGo, Bird Eats Bug, TribePulse, and Renoj. These are great tools for small teams that don’t need all the bells and whistles of paid meetings.

Google Meet

When you want to have a group meeting with more than one person, you can use Google Meet. It allows you to share a screen with your audience, make presentations, and collaborate with others. You can even live-stream your meetings to an audience of up to 100,000 people. If you are hosting a meeting for your business, you can invite the whole team, and they will be able to view the presentation on the screen.

While both programs work well in most web browsers, you will have to use Chrome to make sure that the connection is secure. Both apps offer file transfers and screen sharing, but Google Meet has a Present Now button, which lets you share your entire screen. The other app, Safari, lets you share your screen to a selected group, but with Google Meet, you can choose what to share, avoiding embarrassing moments. Both programs also allow multiple participants to view your screen at once.