Getting the Crowd Involved in Zoom Church Activities

Zoom church activities

Having fun at your church can be a great way to build relationships and strengthen bonds between you and your church community. If you are looking for activities that will get the crowd involved in church activities, there are several different types of activities you can try out. Some of these include Bible story presentations, crafts, games, and even Jeopardy and Charades.


Whether you’re trying to get your kids to memorize scriptures or you just want to have some fun, Jeopardy at Zoom church activities are a great way to engage everyone. You can play the game with large or small groups and customize it to your church’s theme.

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You can choose from a variety of topics, including songs, scriptures, or even industry-specific topics. You can also create your own categories, or ask participants for suggestions.

Whether you’re using a game board, slideshow, or digital whiteboard, you can create a customized game that your group will love. You can also use a master copy and change it up when you need to. You can even play online or use a virtual breakout room.

One of the easiest ways to play Jeopardy online is through an app. There are many free ones to choose from, but the best way to play depends on what your resources are. If you have a lot of people, you can use an app like Meetn or Arkadium. You will need a PC or laptop with a reliable internet connection.


Using the Zoom website, youth can participate in crafts and games that engage the entire congregation. Crafts can include baking cookies, blowing bubbles, and performing a magic trick. The secret to having a successful Zoom church activity is giving everyone a chance to participate in the activity.

Jeopardy at Zoom is a fun game that is suitable for large and small congregations. It’s also a great way to test team spirit amongst church members. It’s also a great way for long distance family members to participate in church activities.

The Zoom website has a number of other cool features, like a virtual formation video. This is a great way to teach kids about God while having some fun. Aside from games and crafts, Zoom provides a number of other perks to help your youth group members have a great time.

There are several other great features, like the one-click craft pick-up feature. Your church can bag the craft supplies for pick up.

Bible story presentations

Using interactive Bible story presentations during Zoom church activities can be a fun way to engage children in learning. These activities can include a variety of creative techniques, and are a great way to build community.

The Bible story of Elijah and the rain is an excellent lesson in miracles. During a drought, Elijah prayed for rain and was granted it. This activity is a great way to introduce children to biblical miracles.

The Bible story of Adam and Eve provides another opportunity to teach children about how God created the world. This activity also highlights the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin.

The Bible story of Noah and the ark is another important story about the world. It is also an opportunity to talk about the significance of reading God’s Word.

The Bible story of Samson is another story of God’s power. Samson was a great judge, and was used in a powerful way. He defeated Israel’s enemies, and lost his God-given strength when he was foolish. The final dramatic act showed God’s power to restore Samson.


Getting the youth involved in Charades at Zoom church activities can be a fun way to build community and engage the youth in meaningful conversation. Charades can be played on video chat or in person. You will need to make sure that your Internet connection is strong enough to allow all players to participate.

If you want to play Bible charades, you can use different tools to create an interactive Bible story presentation. It is also possible to play this game during Sunday School or during family scripture study. You can also adapt the game to fit your youth ministry’s theme.

Charades is easy to play. You will need an empty paper towel roll and a microphone. You can use any kind of microphone for this game. You can also make cookies to decorate. You can also give the youth a bingo card to help them focus on their charades.

Another game to play is Pictionary. You can play this game in person or online. Each player will have a minute to draw the object. You can also use a photo editing app to create fake prices for the item.