How Can Online Meetings Be Recorded?

can online meetings be recorded

If you’ve ever wondered how online meetings are recorded, the answer is simple. You’ll just need a video conference software service that supports recording. Zoom, Zoho Meeting, Panopto Express, Callbridge, and more all offer recording capabilities. If you’re interested in capturing your online meetings, there are a number of options that are easy to set up and use. Read on for a guide to the best ways to record your meetings.

Zoom recording

If you’d like to view or share recordings of your online meetings with other Zoom users, you need to know how to do it. Zoom’s video recording feature allows you to share your recordings with others and has several settings to ensure that your recordings are protected. By default, the recording process only records audio, so you can set a password or restrict access to it. Once you’ve finished your meeting, you can open your recorded video and convert it to a DVD or a mp3 file. To share the recording, simply copy the link to the other person or your email address.

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You can also download recordings of your meetings. To do so, sign into your Zoom account and choose ‘Record meeting’ as your type of recording. Then, select the folder containing the video file and save it to your computer. Zoom sends you an email containing two links – one for the host to manage the recording, and one for the participants to view the recordings. You can share recordings with other Zoom users via email, Dropbox, or VideoSolo. The recordings can also be shared through social media sites.

Zoho Meeting recording

If you need to record a webinar or online meeting, Zoho Meeting has you covered. You can download the recordings and share them with other attendees. You can even disable public access and secure your recordings. If you have a large group of people who need to attend the webinar, Zoho Meeting can record up to 25 people simultaneously. Once you’ve completed your recording, you can listen to it later on. Zoho Meeting is free to use, but you can get a 14-day free trial.

As for security, Zoho is GDPR-compliant and certified under the Privacy Shield frameworks. It also features more granular privacy controls, such as mute and lock functionality. Users can also set up two-factor authentication for increased security. Despite its features, the software offers a free option and a robust paid option for businesses. Its desktop-based app and free version are both easy to use.

Panopto Express recording

The Panopto Express recording service allows you to capture video and audio from online meetings. You can adjust the quality of the recording by choosing the recording quality. With Panopto, you can share the recording with anyone in the company or to colleagues. The software is easy to use and the software allows you to store, share and search your recordings. You can access your recordings any time to view them. Here are some benefits of using Panopto Express to record online meetings.

The Panopto Express recording online meeting software will detect your connected recording devices. After you connect, start recording by selecting the audio and video input devices. The application will automatically begin recording as soon as you join the meeting or video chat. Similarly, it will stop recording after you end the meeting. It will remember previous settings for recording. You can stop recording the meeting or video chat at any time. You can even select which screen to view the video.

Callbridge recording

Recording online meetings with Callbridge is easy. Log in to the platform using your Apple or Android phone. Select the option to join via internet and start a call. Once you’ve selected this option, the first caller will hear hold music. Other callers will see a tile with their name and phone number. Once they join, the hold music stops. The audio will be recorded and stored in Callbridge’s secure servers. You can also send the meeting recordings to other participants.

Using Callbridge’s two-way communication platform can give you and your clients the same face-to-face experience as in-person meetings. You can also go in-depth and have a more flexible meeting schedule, since you can attend and participate from wherever you’re most convenient. The recorded meetings can replace in-person meetings if you’d like, since you can listen back to the call when you’re ready.