How to Conduct Online Meetings

how to conduct online meetings

How to conduct online meetings requires careful planning and preparation. Here are a few tips. First, make sure everyone is on the same time zone. If you are using an online platform to communicate with others, consider setting up a time zone for everyone to be on the same time. Then, set a game plan for the meeting. Limit the number of people to a maximum of 50 and keep in mind that some employees may be out of the office for work or sick.


Preparation for online meetings can involve more than preparing your materials. It also involves testing meeting platform and hardware. The majority of respondents prepared the same way for in-person and virtual meetings. The difference between the two types of meetings was in the time spent on preparation. To prepare for an online meeting, take a few minutes to consider the following tips. To make the most of an online meeting, ensure that the participants can clearly see you and that you can speak clearly.

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First, make sure that the background noise is not distracting. The presence of pets and construction noise can make it difficult to concentrate on your meeting. If your meeting involves many people, consider muting the audio to eliminate these distractions. In addition, you should turn off notifications on your phone and computer. This will keep both participants from being distracted by outside noise. You can also ask each participant to turn off their computer sound when not presenting.


The key to setting an enjoyable and productive meeting is to set clear expectations with your participants. This way, you send the right message and prevent distractions. In addition, it helps you get things done and avoid awkward situations. Regardless of the format, it is essential to set the rules of engagement before the meeting begins. Here are some tips on expectation-setting when conducting online meetings. Read on to learn how to create a productive meeting.

Include an agenda when sending invitations. In addition to setting a date and time, you can also include important information, such as video requirements, pre-read materials, and post-reading instructions. The clear expectations reduce anxiety and ensure that everyone gets what they need. A brief summary of the meeting’s main points and any other pertinent information can be included on the invite. Afterward, ask your participants for feedback to ensure that everything is going according to plan.


Online meetings can be intimidating. If you don’t plan ahead, your meetings could end in confusion. Make sure that your participants are clearly informed and engaged with what you’re saying. If possible, use a whiteboard or flowchart to keep everyone on track. Keep it simple: don’t use PowerPoint slides. Instead, make sure to write out each step of the meeting, including who’s supposed to speak, when, and how much time is allotted for each item.

Creating a gameplan in advance will help everyone stay on track and focused. For example, you should determine how long each topic will take, and then set a shot clock. A shot clock can be an actual clock, or it could be a phone notification sound. If everyone stops talking when the timer goes off, everyone will be forced to end their talk. Having a detailed agenda for your online meetings will help everyone stay focused and on track.

Limiting the number of attendees

While it may be tempting to include everyone in your online meeting, it is better to limit the number of attendees to a certain number. This will prevent attendees from dominating the conversation and will give everyone ample opportunity to contribute. A few tips for conducting an effective meeting can make the process go more smoothly. Keep the number of attendees to seven. While seven may seem like the magic number, any more could lead to chaos and dominate the conversation.

When holding an online meeting, it’s important to keep in mind that adding even one more person can add up to an hour in your meeting. Many people don’t mind losing an hour of their time, so limiting the number of attendees is crucial to ensuring that the entire meeting goes smoothly. Remember that British general Ian Hamilton found that he could not control more than six people directly. It is important to keep in mind that limiting the number of attendees can also help you save money.

Including introverted members

Identifying the needs of introverted members in online meetings is essential. These individuals have a difficult time expressing their views when they are in the moment. To overcome this, make sure you provide topics beforehand. Reviewing the agenda ahead of time will help all attendees to plan their responses. Sticking to the agenda is also an important practice. Once you know how introverted members operate, you can help them become active members of the meeting.

For example, some introverts are uncomfortable giving presentations or interacting with a group of strangers. An alternative for these individuals is to give feedback anonymously, which will enable them to express their opinions without causing them any social anxiety. Another option is to use group chat tools, such as Parabol. These tools allow users to make comments during the meeting, and allow you to toggle whether the comments are anonymous or public.