How to Facilitate Zoom Church Activities

Zoom church activities

If you’re interested in joining the Zoom church community, check out our upcoming activities. From Jeopardy to Charades, we’ve got your covered. Try a new game or craft every month! Or, learn a new Bible story together! There’s something for everyone! Whatever the occasion, there’s bound to be a Zoom activity that’s just right for your group. We’ll show you how to get started.


If you’re interested in facilitating a fun activity for your church, you may want to consider using the video chat application Zoom. Charades is a popular party game that can get quite silly. In this game, players must pretend to be a book, movie, or famous person by using crazed facial expressions and frantic gestures. The aim of the game is to get everyone involved, break the ice, and give people a chance to interact with each other.

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The best way to keep the game engaging is to get everyone involved. When using Zoom, ensure that everyone has a turn speaking. Having two people on the stage may discourage youth from speaking up. Make sure to set aside a few minutes for each person to speak. Remember that the time limit on free accounts is 40 minutes, so make sure that your game lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. Taking turns is a great way to keep everyone laughing and engaged.


In addition to the traditional game of Jeopardy, you can use Zoom to conduct icebreaker games like “Jeopardy at Zoom.” The simple rules of the game will encourage your group to work together, and you can even customize the game to fit your group’s theme or church year. It is free to use, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including church activities.

One way to modify the game is to have a set of categories for your participants, such as a church year or a quote from Lamentations. Once the categories are in place, the organizer can come up with questions and answer them. If the group is not familiar with Jeopardy, you can also create your own game using Google Slides and add categories for the church. Once players have the basics down, try impromptu versions of the game, such as asking people to clap or thumbs up to signal their correct answer.


Crafts at Zoom can be adapted for online use by a variety of church groups. Women’s groups, for example, can offer DIY cleaners, flower arrangements, or other activities. Many board games are also adapted for virtual play, and Zoom’s whiteboard feature is perfect for playing Pictionary. Check out these additional tips:

One church that offers these kinds of activities is St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Seattle. Emily Tanis-Likkel, family life minister at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, has been producing these videos for kids since 2010. The videos are calming and similar to the format of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” In each video, Tanis-Likkel tells biblical stories using figurines. Her videos are broadcast on Zoom as part of a worship service.

Bible story

If you’re looking for ways to make a Bible story more fun, try using the technology of Zoom for your Zoom church activities. With the help of the sharing screen, you can show a YouTube video clip to introduce the story. For a more creative way to teach the Bible story, assign Bible characters. This way, they will learn about different ways they can serve God. Then, let them scramble to trade hearts with each other.

Keeping kids involved during a Bible lesson can be difficult, especially when they’re young. That’s why these 50 fun Bible games for Zoom church activities are perfect for Sunday School classes, summer camp, family fun nights, or any time of the week. Try out the games below and have fun! You’ll be glad you did! Let’s get started! This game is easy to adapt to any size group and will make learning the Bible a fun experience.

Art classes

If you are interested in improving your art skills, Art classes at Zoom church activities are a great option. The Art Academy offers a variety of courses that can be done with pencil, pastel, watercolour, and acrylics. Tutors, such as Steve Mitchell, are available to help students learn how to create their masterpieces. These courses can also be viewed online for a fee of PS6 per person, per class.

The art studio, which is normally located in Henley on Thames, has chosen to make it available to a larger audience through Zoom. It offers classes online for both children and adults. The classes are affordable and feature several different projects for students to work on. These include art history and traditional techniques in watercolor and pastel. Students can also participate in the classes by simply chatting with the instructor. They do not need to be members of the church to participate.


You can set up a Zoom church webinar using a variety of features. The software lets you invite Panellists and dummy Attendees to a practice session. The goal of these sessions is to make sure that everything is working smoothly and that attendees have no issues. You can also have a drop-in session for Synod members to practice speaking and voting. After all, there’s nothing worse than a webinar that’s not working.

While a church webinar can be a simple one-way broadcast, it can be far more complicated. You need a license to run Zoom, which supports up to 500 simultaneous connections. The Church can use the Zoom webinar to make the connections easier for remote attendees. Zoom allows you to set up 50 recurring events, but the “No Fixed Time” feature removes the limit. You can also make your Zoom webinar a recurring event if you have 500 or more attendees.