How to Make Online Meetings Fun

how to make online meetings fun

While it is tempting to make a business meeting a “work place thing,” incorporating some playful elements can be a lot of fun. For example, write “present” on a piece of paper and surprise any team member who’s straying from the discussion. You can also use icebreaker questions to get your audience engaged. Here are a few more ideas to make a meeting fun:

Keep meetings short and on-task

A key to keeping online meetings fun is to ensure that they are focused on the topic at hand. While some entertainment is appropriate, too much of it is not. Make sure the meeting is no longer than 45 minutes long and do not allow the meeting to stray off-task. If there are more than eight participants, the meeting’s productivity will drop sharply. Try limiting the number of participants to eight or less.

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Use meeting symbols to keep everyone focused. For example, in Disney world, you’ll find Mickey Mouse shapes hidden throughout the park. Similarly, use symbols to keep employees focused during a meeting. Use pop-culture icons and basic objects that can be hidden within PowerPoint slides or included in mugs and chat conversations. Afterward, ask participants to rate how many times they spotted the symbol, and award winners with a small prize.

Incorporate gamification

To keep attendees engaged during online meetings, implement gamification. You can use things like leaderboards, badges, or points to encourage employee engagement. By integrating small rewards and challenges, you can keep employees interested and focused throughout the session. Besides, it is fun for attendees to participate in a virtual event when it involves a game or competition. And, what’s more, gamification can improve your online meeting experience by improving employee retention and engagement.

Gamification is a great way to improve online meetings, and it can also be used to motivate your team. For instance, you can create a poll to ask attendees to rate their opinions about a certain plan or topic. This will help you determine what obstacles might exist with that plan and how to fix them. Incorporate gamification into online meetings to make them fun! Try adding food puns to your presentation, too.

Include your best friend

A recent study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that the more work-related friends and teams are, the more successful they are. It shows that ice-breaker games can be a great way to break the ice, and they can also build team rapport and reduce feelings of isolation. Try incorporating fun activities into your online meetings. They can be great jumping-off points for conversation and can even be used as fun icebreakers!

Add a pet

You can add a pet to virtual meetings to provide a unique twist. Many pet owners have had funny experiences at virtual meetings, and the fun can be spread to your team. Pet owners can share pictures of their animals during the meeting. Some video conference tools even allow polls, so they can add a pet-related topic to the video call. The pet-friendly approach to virtual meetings is an excellent way to energize your team.