How to Make Online Meetings Fun and Productive

how to make online meetings fun

There is a lot of potential for making your online meetings fun and productive. You just need to know a few tips.

Turn-based or asynchronous games

Asynchronous or turn-based games are a popular option for many online meetings. These types of games have the advantage of not relying on players being online at the same time, and can offer both players and meeting participants the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of social interactions. However, these games may not be right for all types of meetings.

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In order to compare synchronous and asynchronous games, we need to first discuss the term ‘loop’. This is a fundamental molecule in gameplay, and is often used in different game modes.

In general, real-time games are more immersive. There are also less limitations on the type of game you can play. They are also more accessible, and often require fewer players.

While the most popular online card games, such as Texas Hold ‘Em, are asynchronous, the Werewolf game allows for synchronous interaction. Players must raise their hands when assigned to a role, and they have to mute themselves when they are unable to do so.

Remote scavenger hunts

If you are looking for a fun and effective way to spice up your next meeting, consider hosting a virtual scavenger hunt. This type of activity can be great for bringing people together in a team environment, while developing problem solving skills and creative thinking.

First, you need to determine the number of items you will be requiring. You should give everyone enough time to complete the hunt. It is best to have at least five items. Depending on the number of rounds played, the time limit will vary.

Next, you need to decide the rules for the scavenger hunt. Make sure to have an agreed-upon scoring system. The winner should be the first player to find all the items and to share them with the rest of the team.

Adding visual elements

With visual elements, online meetings are more engaging. They help you and your team focus on the information you are sharing. Visual aids should be familiar and relatable. In addition, it’s important that they are interactive. This makes them easy to use and encourages people to express themselves.

Some examples of visual elements are stickers, animated GIFs, videos, and 3-D objects. You can also use a webcam for visual engagement. The easiest way to do this is to connect a camera to a video conferencing app. Another option is to use ManyCam.

Another way to add visual engagement is to schedule fun time. You can have team members mail cocktail kits for a virtual happy hour or have a pet show and tell. Scheduling fun time also helps increase morale, productivity, and collaboration.

Hosting a virtual pizza party

If you are looking to spice up your next virtual meeting, consider hosting a pizza party. This will encourage participants to engage in interactive games and activities, and help you to get the most out of your team’s meetings. In addition, a virtual event will give everyone a chance to see other perspectives and appreciate new ideas.

Pizzatime is a pizza delivery service that caters to virtual events. The company allows customers to order pizzas through the Internet and then have them delivered to a remote location. Customers pick a favorite pie, and the company coordinates the ordering process. As the company’s website states, “Pizza shows up like magic.”

In addition to the pizza, you can add other activities to the mix. For example, you can set up a Q&A session or breakout room. Or, you can send out an email with a fun GIF. After the meeting is over, you can thank your participants for participating and send out a follow-up email that acknowledges their efforts.