How to Make Online Meetings Fun

how to make online meetings fun

Here are some tips for making online meetings fun and interesting: Try using icebreakers to break the ice, utilize video conferencing tools, or conduct a virtual lip-sync competition. You can also incorporate a Q&A section to encourage interaction. If you have employees seated at home during a meeting, they will probably feel at home using these techniques. If you don’t have employees seated at home, try arranging a scavenger hunt to add some excitement to your meeting.

Using icebreakers

To make your online meetings more fun, you can use icebreakers. A common icebreaker is a group photo. Get your team together and take a photo of everyone, including their pets and silly faces. This icebreaker is not only fun for the participants, but can be reused for social media, internal newsletters, and Slack channels. Here are some fun ideas for group photos.

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You can create a game as an icebreaker. It can be anything, from virtual bingo to a contest. The goal of this warm-up activity is to get everyone in the meeting mood. This way, you won’t have to deal with awkward cramps during the meeting. In addition to making your meetings more fun, icebreakers can break unhealthy cliques. You can also use them as an opener and a close of the meeting to help break the business-heavy atmosphere.

Using video conferencing tools

When collaborating with colleagues, utilizing video conferencing tools to conduct online meetings can be a great way to increase team morale and make the workday more enjoyable. These tools allow you to control and manage meetings from any location, using state-of-the-art technology. You can choose between free and premium video conferencing tools, such as Zoom. Zoom supports audio and video, and its cloud-based features enable you to invite guests without a contact list.

To increase team spirit during online meetings, consider integrating games into your meetings. You can use apps such as WhereBy, which allows you to hold meetings without downloading any software. Using a video conferencing tool like WhereBy can be a great way to encourage participation and collaboration, and many of them offer customizable features. One such tool, Sessionlab, can even help your team improve their remote skills by integrating pre-set games and guidelines into their meetings.

Using a virtual lip-sync competition

When you use YouTube to conduct online meetings, you can play hundreds of songs, and have your participants perform them. You can also change the background of the meeting to reflect the theme. You can choose to have people perform in PJs, Hawaiian dresses, camouflage gear, or prom attire. If you want to make online meetings fun, try using a virtual lip-sync competition.

Using a Q&A section

Using a Q&A section to create fun in online meetings can be a simple way to keep the discussion on topic and stimulate team collaboration. It can be used as a fun ice-breaker or part of a post-meeting happy hour. If you use a platform with an ice-breaker section, you can suggest questions to help everyone bond. Alternatively, you can ask your team to come up with their own.

Using interactive whiteboards

If you’re hosting an online meeting with a team of people, consider using an interactive whiteboard. These tools let participants communicate by writing notes, adding text and highlighters, and sharing files. With a real-time whiteboard, you can share data and even run a poll to encourage participation. And, if you’re using a video conferencing service, you can start the meeting with a video introduction to introduce the whiteboard session. After the meeting ends, everyone can continue working on the whiteboard, or they can turn the sharing settings off altogether.

Another benefit of using an interactive whiteboard is its recording capabilities. With the recording feature, you can review the meeting at a later time to see how things are going. It also helps you keep track of company progress, because you can watch the meeting in the same way as all of the other team members. Also, the recording option eliminates the risk of missing important details or notes. This is because note-taking during a meeting can be insufficient. Often, details are missed because of distractions or inattention.

Using pets

Using pets in online meetings can add a unique twist to the otherwise boring work of remote teams. Many pet owners have had hilarious experiences in virtual meetings, and these antics will definitely help to keep the team motivated. Here are some fun ideas for your next virtual meeting:

Have a puppy hour. Host a puppy-themed happy hour at Zoom meetings, and invite your guests to bring their pets. While they’re consuming treats, you can relax with a drink or two. This will give you a chance to interact with your coworkers, as well as take screenshots of your meeting. Your pet will enjoy the attention and will have a great time! Adding pets to your Zoom meetings will help you create a unique and memorable experience that will be remembered for years to come.