How to Make Online Meetings More Engaging

how to make online meetings more engaging

If you’ve ever wondered how to make online meetings more interactive, this article will help you understand how. Start with a purpose and develop your agenda around it. When you do, it will help you determine if the meeting achieved its goals. Here are a few tips for engaging your participants and ensuring that everyone is comfortable participating. Follow these tips and you’ll have a successful meeting every time. Besides setting the stage, create a video to share with participants.

Setting ground rules

Regardless of the reason, setting ground rules is an essential part of any online meeting. By following them, you will ensure your virtual team works together effectively. If necessary, you can also set up a Google Form for the whole team to sign before each meeting. In addition to using a Google Form, you can also use email or Slack to send the ground rules to all members. Once you have completed the form, you can start your virtual meetings!

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When hosting an online meeting, it is best to set the rules and expectations well in advance. It helps if everyone knows what to expect from the meeting. Make sure to distribute this document a few days before the meeting so that everyone has ample time to review it. Make sure to highlight important points and avoid allowing too many participants to participate. By setting ground rules for the meeting, you will ensure everyone stays engaged, regardless of whether the meeting is live or recorded.

Creating roles

If you are using an online meeting platform, consider creating roles for attendees. Assign people specific tasks or assign two or three to different groups. In these groups, people can share information about themselves that could be helpful to others. These roles can also rotate between meetings to ensure that everyone is contributing to the conversation. If your virtual meeting platform allows breakout sessions, consider adding them. But be careful to make sure you don’t impose them on every team member.

To increase the engagement level in your online meetings, assign team members roles. This way, they have a clear idea of what they’re supposed to do during the meeting. Moreover, a role can help them focus on specific parts of the meeting, and it also lets them be heard by more people. These roles could include facilitator, timekeeper, note taker, and technical support. You can even create a lottery for each role so that participants can vote for the one they want.

Creating a safe space for team members

If you’ve been thinking about hosting an online meeting, there are some key things you need to do to ensure your attendees are as engaged as possible. It’s very important to provide team members with support, not just technology. While you’ll need to provide technology and best practices to make your online meetings successful, human support systems are often overlooked. A good example is your production team. They all have the same goal, and they are committed to creating the best meeting possible.

Create a safe space for your team members to share their thoughts and feelings. If someone isn’t paying attention or doesn’t have anything to say, a facilitator can keep the conversation on track and encourage them to speak up. By creating a safe space, team members can feel comfortable sharing their perspectives and ideas without feeling judged or criticized. A facilitator can also set the rules for a meeting, which can help keep everyone on track and on topic.

Creating a video

One of the best ways to make an online meeting more engaging is to incorporate a video. Humans are hard-wired to react to visual stimulus. For example, we decode facial expressions faster than we can process words. Additionally, moving objects can make a bigger impact. In this way, making online meetings more engaging by creating a video will make the meeting even more impactful. Listed below are some ways to incorporate video into your online meetings.

Consider a video camera for your online meetings. While a video camera can’t reveal the faces of everyone participating, some software programs will display an icon of the people who are present during the meeting. OnPoint Consulting posts pictures of meeting participants even if they’re not using a video. The managers of the company say this makes participants more likely to participate. Video meetings are also easier to manage and allow you to invite a larger audience.