How to Make Online Meetings More Fun

how to make online meetings fun

There are many ways to make online meetings more fun. Try bringing in some music, creating a poll, or sharing a photo of your desk. You might also consider using a roll call to surprise a team member who’s been spaced out for too long. These methods will ensure that everyone stays engaged and focused.

Bring in some music

If you’re hosting an online meeting, it’s a great idea to bring in some music to keep the mood light and fun. Some good examples include the uplifting “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Lovely Day.” Both songs have a catchy tempo and can help set the right mood. The first song in the list is particularly good for creating a lively atmosphere, since the chorus repeats the phrase “lovely day,” convincing listeners that all is well. Similarly, the instrumentals that accompany the song are perfect for kicking up the tempo and boosting spirits.

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Music can be a great bonding activity for your team. Try an activity like “guess that song” where team members have to guess what song is being played at the meeting. This can also be used to test team knowledge, as well as to get the members involved in a friendly competition. To make the activity more fun and engaging, you can ask each team member to submit their favorite songs, and the team leader will play one of them during the team meeting. Team members can then take turns guessing the song.

Ask for audio impressions of staff members

Online meetings can be made more fun by asking for audio impressions of staff members. When you are working with colleagues from around the world, having a virtual show and tell can help you avoid feeling lonely. Reading fun facts about each other can also help to spark conversation and friendship. Use a mobile application like Houseparty to make online meetings more interactive. This application includes fun games, like singing along to songs or playing mandolin.

Create a poll

Polls are a great way to bring fun into an online meeting and personalize it for your team. Not only can they make a meeting more enjoyable, but they also provide a helpful tool to reach your meeting objectives. If you’re not sure where to start, you can find examples of poll questions online and get creative. You can even create your own polls to make your next meeting even more interactive and fun!

Polls are a great way to ensure that everyone is on the same page when completing a project. They can also help to identify any possible hurdles that could prevent a project from being completed successfully. The more questions you ask, the better, and make sure you encourage people to share more information. Polling tools like Slido are great for this purpose.

Ask for a picture of your fridge

This game works best with remote teams. You can use pictures of your favorite toys, desk organizers, or family photos to make the meeting fun and lighthearted. Team members can send the photos and descriptions to one another by email, and screen share the pictures during the meeting. If the participants aren’t able to attend the entire meeting, they can still send the images and reply to the original message.