How to Make Online Meetings More Interactive

how to make online meetings more interactive

If you are wondering how to make online meetings more interactive, there are several things you can do. These include having an agenda and gamification features. Additionally, you can have a clean comedian or emcee for the meeting. These can be extremely effective ways to engage your participants and make the meeting more fun.

Having an agenda in place

An agenda is a crucial part of a successful online meeting. It helps to establish accountability and clearly identify participants’ roles and value. The agenda also helps to structure the meeting. It also helps to create an interactive environment. When possible, use an agenda that encourages collaboration.

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Setting an agenda in advance of the meeting will ensure that everyone is focused on the topic at hand. It also helps to assign responsibilities for different aspects of the meeting. You can also use an online meeting platform to host a live Q&A session with the questions tab or chat function. The agenda should be sent out at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting so that everyone knows what they need to do. You can also use Google Calendar to schedule reminders for the meeting. Online meetings are becoming increasingly popular with many businesses, and a proper agenda will make your meetings more productive.

In addition to facilitating the meeting, the agenda should also include icebreaker activities that encourage interaction and collaboration among team members. Including games and other activities can help the group relax and get started.

Having a Clean Comedian

Whether you’re hosting a virtual meeting or conducting it over the phone, having a professional emcee can make the event much more enjoyable. An emcee knows how to read the room and include everyone in the discussion. They can help you create an engaging online meeting.

Having a meeting scheduler

Meeting schedulers are an invaluable tool for organising and facilitating online meetings. They let you specify the length of the meeting, the number of participants, and the number of slides to be presented. You can also specify breaks, Q&As, and networking sessions. If you’re conducting a global meeting, you’ll also need to consider time zones. You’ll also want to check whether the meeting’s participants are using compatible devices and internet access, and whether they’re receiving notifications from their mobile phones.

Online meetings are often less engaging than their traditional counterparts. They are not always structured and interactive, and the people attending them can become disinterested and unproductive. Moreover, if they don’t arrive on time and aren’t ready to work, they won’t be able to fully engage in the meeting. Because of this, it’s important to have clear instructions for all participants on how to connect to the meeting.