How to Make Online Meetings More Interactive

how to make online meetings more interactive

There are many ways to enhance the interactiveness of an online meeting. Several key tips are outlined below. These include using engaging tools, ensuring a sense of inclusion, sharing the load, and adding a gamification element. Read on for more information! To start, try these ideas! We hope they prove helpful. Let us know how they went! And don’t forget to share the link with others!

Engaging tools

In today’s world, online meetings are the norm. But despite the fact that these virtual meetings aren’t physically present, they can still be engaging. Here are three ways to make virtual meetings more engaging:

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Ask participants for their input. Asking for input directly makes people feel engaged. They are likely to contribute their thoughts and ideas more if they feel they have something to offer. However, it’s difficult to ask for input in a virtual meeting because listeners can only hear one person at a time. Asking people what they enjoy, dislike, or want to change can help them feel like they’re part of the meeting.

Creating a sense of inclusion

Creating a sense of inclusion in online and virtual meetings is a critical component of effective leadership. Employees who feel left out of the conversation or excluded from key discussions will be less productive, more likely to take stress leave, and even leave the company altogether. These scenarios will ultimately cost the company money. But how can leaders ensure that meetings are inclusive? By using data. A leader must track qualitative and quantitative data to measure the effectiveness of their meetings.

Create a sense of inclusion by asking for feedback. Make sure to share your agenda beforehand and give people the opportunity to share their opinions and concerns. It helps if you ask questions rather than give instructions. Consider sharing supplemental material with everyone before the meeting to help people prepare for the meeting. Assembling a calendar of meeting topics is not enough; attendees need to know when they’re obligated to be in attendance.

Sharing the load

Having team members share the workload of facilitating virtual meetings improves their efficiency. This way, everyone has a say in setting the agenda, taking notes, and summarizing key points. Additionally, you can use a live poll to choose who will take notes. During meetings and discussions, people may not understand everything that is being said because they’re distracted by their work. But when everyone shares the work, the meetings become more interactive.

Adding a gamification element

Aim to increase engagement by adding a gamification element to your online meetings. This technique involves presenting the learning in a fun game-like format. Instead of delivering the information in one big chunk, gamification breaks it up into small pieces so that each member can easily digest the information. It also promotes user engagement and improves the quality of the virtual meeting experience.

A key component of gamification is pre-engaging your audience. Build excitement by mentioning segments, speaker sessions, activities, and gamification. You can also use virtual goodie bags, polls, and surveys to gauge the audience’s interest. This way, there are no surprises later. This technique is also a great way to boost audience participation in online meetings.

Using PowerPoint or Google Slides as a storyboard

PowerPoint and Google Slides are two popular presentation tools that can be used as a storyboard for online meetings. They both have different purposes, but you can use them to break down your story into images. To use Google Slides as a storyboard, follow the steps below. Once you’ve created a storyboard, you’ll need to insert images and text. Next, use text boxes to add ideas, dialogues, and other details. You can also change the font size and style. You can also add pictures, text, and shapes.

To use Google Slides as a storyboard, open the program on your computer. Then, choose a template or import an existing one. The script should be by your side while you use Google Slides. By adding images and text, you can easily determine how many slides you need and how you’d like to layout the slides. Lastly, you can choose transition effects and other features.

Including people who don’t need to attend

When it comes to facilitating an online meeting, three things can make a meeting more effective: connection, collaboration, and feedback. These three key elements can keep participants engaged and focused, no matter how far they are located. Unfortunately, few solutions support these three essential elements in an online meeting. If you’re hosting a meeting online, however, you should look for collaborative software, which ensures that everyone sees the same content and includes tools to manage conversation and record comments on the whiteboard.

Active inclusion is another way to make your meeting more interesting. Rather than just letting the meeting attendees passively participate, randomly calling out those who don’t need to attend can make them feel more involved. This can lead to more meaningful outcomes for both participants and the business. It’s also a great way to engage remote participants. Make sure to provide them with an agenda so they know exactly what to expect.