How to Make Online Meetings More Interactive

how to make online meetings more interactive

It is possible to make online meetings more meaningful and interactive. There are several different ways to do this, including pre-meeting preparation, using an interactive whiteboard, videoconferencing tools, or involving your attendees in an arts and crafts activity. By following these steps, you can create a fun and memorable online meeting. Read on to learn how. Then, download an online meeting tool or two to make your meetings more fun and interactive.

Pre-meeting preparation

Before the meeting, make sure the participants are well-prepared with the topics they wish to discuss. Using an agenda or task board before the meeting can make everyone more prepared. This will also help you save time and keep track of important steps to be taken. Before the meeting, ensure that all participants are online and ready to contribute. Lastly, test the application to make sure it works well. Using these tips will make your online meetings more interactive.

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When preparing the agenda, think about the times when participants should share their ideas. In an online meeting, brainstorming anonymously is more efficient than in-person brainstorming. Also, participants can review the submissions and discuss them before the meeting begins. These ideas can help you improve the outcome of a team retrospective, a type of meeting that might benefit from gathering insights prior to the meeting. These are just some of the tips for making your online meetings more interactive and democratic.

Using an interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard can make online meetings more dynamic and engaging for everyone in the room. The whiteboard can feature sticky notes and polls so participants can actively participate in the meeting. It can be exported as an image for use outside the meeting if the users wish to. Make sure the whiteboard works well with other tools in the meeting room. Here are a few tips for using an interactive whiteboard for online meetings.

Digital whiteboards are the perfect technology for remote meetings. They enable everyone to contribute to the conversation, eliminating the need for a projector in the classroom. They also enable collaboration, brainstorming, and sharing of content. This technology makes online meetings more interactive, which is the ultimate goal of any business. You can also eliminate the need for a projector, which frees up more space for other work.

Using a videoconferencing tool

Using a videoconferencing tool to make an online meeting more interactive can be a powerful way to boost employee engagement. Face-to-face meetings are 34 times more effective than email communication, so video conferencing software can help your employees interact better. There are several video conferencing software options to choose from, so find out which one works best for your team. They differ in features, price, and number of participants.

Video conferencing software is not a niche anymore. It’s the main place where meetings take place these days. And poor quality video calls have nothing but negative effects on productivity. Dropped calls and wasted time setting up software don’t cut it anymore. So how do you get better video calls? Here are a few recommendations. If you’re looking for a free tool, try Google Hangouts or Taskade.

Using an arts and crafts activity

Adding a fun and creative activity to your meeting can help make it more interesting. While this may take a little planning, you can use art to stimulate discussion. A virtual gallery walk is a great way to display the creativity of your team members and spark discussion. Alternatively, you can use a simple question-and-answer game to increase the level of interaction. You can even include a few simple recipes or crafts to encourage team-building.

Using a Mentimeter

Whether you have an online meeting with multiple participants or one on one, using a Mentimeter can be a great way to enhance the conversation. Using a Mentimeter allows you to present your ideas, spark discussion and test knowledge. You can even use it in religious ceremonies! Learn how to use a Mentimeter in your next meeting! Below is a guide to help you get started.

To start using a Mentimeter, you will need to sign up. The website is free, and the app contains a downloadable Android and iOS application that lets you create your own presentation. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to the Mentimeter dashboard. Here, you’ll see a number of options, including the ability to share your screen, poll questions, and more. You’ll then have to select the type of slide you want to use.