How to Record Online Meetings

how to record online meetings

Whether you want to document a business meeting or keep a record of a video conference, there are ways to record online meetings. Some of the most popular programs for video conferencing are Webex, AnyMeeting, and Zoom. Many of these programs are free, and you can even record the call. Some of these programs are also compatible with smartwatches and Xbox platforms. If you’re unsure about how to record an online meeting, here are some tips to help you.


If you need to record a Zoom meeting, you can do so on your computer or any mobile device with an appropriate screen recording application. To record the video, go to Meetings > Recorded. From there, you can rename and trim the recording. Once you have finished recording the meeting, you can upload the recorded video to a third-party cloud storage, content management system, or video streaming service. Once the recording has been made, you can share it with other Zoom users.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

When recording Zoom meetings, you need to enable the local recording option. To enable this option, you should be an account owner or administrator. If you do not have the ability to record meetings using Zoom, you can enable it in the Zoom account settings and grant your participants permission to record. Zoom will then convert the recorded meeting into a file and store it on your computer. Afterward, you can download the recorded file. Zoom will then convert the recording to a file.


Whether you’re conducting an annual review of your employee training programs or hosting an internal meeting to update staff members, recording any meeting is a great way to maintain the quality of your presentations. A screen recording tool records anything on the monitor, including audio and video. To record any online meeting, try Panopto Express, which doesn’t require installation, login, or recording limits. Using AnyMeeting is as simple as clicking a button to record your meeting.

With AnyMeeting, you can record all of the audio and video in your meeting. Recording audio and video will not lag. The recording software supports multiple video formats and codecs. You can also add annotations, voice over, and mouse effects. The software supports multiple video formats and codecs, and it offers options to add timers. It also has a timer and customizable recording areas.


If you’re wondering how to record online meetings using Webex, you’ve come to the right place. Webex allows you to record meetings and pause them for later review. However, recording a meeting without the host’s permission will not work, so you’ll have to ask for permission before recording. If the host isn’t around, you can use co-hosts to record the meeting and then combine the two recordings.

You can record your entire screen or just your microphone during a Webex meeting. This feature is built into Webex, and you must first ask permission from the host before recording the meeting. Once you’ve requested permission, you can use the Recording Layout menu in the left navigation bar. This page allows you to choose whether to record the meeting, focus on the active speaker, or use the Focus option when there isn’t shared content.


Taking notes during an online meeting is easier than ever. Meetings often require groupwork and problem-solving, and it can be hard to remember the most important points of a meeting. Luckily, recording your meetings allows you to follow along with your participants, even if you cannot be physically present. Here are some ways to keep track of the discussion in your notes. Keeping track of your meetings is crucial if you want to make sure that everyone is aware of what you’re saying.

OneNote notebooks can be opened in a web browser or desktop app, and they are stored on your Team SharePoint site. Everyone in your team can review them, and you can even password-protect them for privacy purposes. OneNote notebooks can be recorded as well, and they are automatically uploaded and processed via Microsoft Stream. You need a Microsoft 365 plan to use this feature. If you are using it to record your meetings, remember to use a Microsoft 365 plan.


The demoAir tool lets you record online meetings and share the recordings with other people. This tool records audio, video, and webcam during meetings. It automatically sends notifications to remind you when a meeting is being recorded. You can also edit the video and share it with others. Whether you want to record a business message, explainer, or presentation, DemoAir makes the process easy. It is an excellent tool for remote workers who need to communicate effectively.

In live meetings, the group must agree on everything before the meeting can start. Live discussions are usually more productive than asynchronous meetings. Besides, they tend to have a limited plan. Since the participants are not in real-time, ideas are usually conceived during live discussions. As a result, an asynchronous meeting will give the team more time to plan and react. This can help the project succeed.