How to Record Online Meetings

can online meetings be recorded

There are many reasons to record your online meetings, from training a new employee to important documentation to big projects. With so many ways to record your meetings, you’ll find that it is worth the effort to learn how. Fortunately, online meeting recording software is available for many popular platforms. Let’s look at some of the most popular options below. You’ll be happy you did, too. But first, let’s look at the benefits of recording meetings.


You can record a Zoom online meeting with the help of a screen recorder. To start recording, log into the Zoom web portal and select Settings. Then, select the Recording tab. You can give permission to all members of your group to record the meeting locally. Click Turn On to enable recording. After the meeting ends, Zoom converts the recording files into files. You can also stop recording the meeting. Once recorded, the recordings will be stored in a local folder.

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If you are hosting the meeting, you can choose to allow recording. This will allow you to share it with other participants, and even go back to review the content. Before you start recording a Zoom meeting, make sure you have permission from all participants. In the documentation, you’ll find instructions on how to turn on recording and stop recording. If you don’t want to use a computer, you can use the mobile app.

Microsoft Teams

When recording Microsoft Teams online meetings, one person can initiate a call and stop it anytime they wish. The recording continues until all participants leave, and it will automatically stop after four hours of recording. Depending on the settings, the recording will be saved on OneDrive or SharePoint. In the details pane, you can see if the recording has been completed and when it expires. If you want to download the recording, you must log into your account and choose “record” to enable it.

The person who starts a recording becomes the owner of the recording. Other people can also view the recording, but only the organizer of the meeting can change who can access it. The recording will be shared with other members of the organization, and it can be played to those who can’t attend the meeting. In addition, you can share the recording with other participants or delete it from OneDrive when you’re finished. The recording will also be available to others who can’t attend the meeting, but you can always keep it for future reference.


Several features of BlueJeans make it possible to record online meetings. Meetings can be recorded in both audio and video formats. To record your meeting, simply select the “Recording” tab in the BlueJeans network. Once you’ve chosen to record your meeting, a link will appear in your dashboard for downloading. You can edit the recording as needed. Although BlueJeans doesn’t offer a built-in recording editor, you can use a 3rd party software to do so. One good alternative is EaseUS RecExperts.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can create meetings. You can choose when and where the meetings will be held. In some cases, you can even set recurring events, which is useful if the meeting will occur more than once. You can also specify the amount of time for recordings. After the meeting, you can review your recordings at any time by going to your Dashboard and viewing your recorded meetings. This feature makes it possible to review your meetings later on and see which parts were the most important.


If you have ever wished to record an online meeting, you’ve probably wondered how you can do it. There are several options available to you, and GoToMeeting is no exception. Recording is possible in two ways: with local recording, which saves the recording to your computer’s hard drive, and with cloud recording, which stores the recording on the GoToMeeting servers.

To record a meeting, you need to go to the Admin Center of the GoToMeeting app and click ‘Record’. You can also monitor the recording’s utilization. From the left-hand sidebar, you can access user settings, which can be found in the Status and Features tab. You can select whether to record the meeting locally or in the cloud, and you can also set the default location for the recorded file.

Google Hangouts

Can online meetings be recorded using Google Hangout? Yes, you can. You can easily record your Google Hangouts meetings and save them in Google Drive, a cloud storage service. Google offers varying amounts of free storage depending on the license you have. The basic Google account allows for 30 GB of free storage while a business account gives you unlimited storage. To download your recording, follow the steps below.

Download Screen Capture, a free online screen recorder that works with the Google Hangout. This app works like a standard video recorder, recording any window or tab without the need for any software. You can set the quality and even check if the recording features your mouse. With the Mac FoneLab screen recorder, you can easily record Google Hangouts meetings online. You can also record Google calls.

Skype for Business

You can record your Skype for Business online meetings to create a video or audio file that you can share. To begin recording, open the Skype for Business Recording Manager from the main window. Click the “Tools” drop-down menu and select the Recording Manager option. From here, you can play and rename recordings, select different locations, and publish recordings online. Afterward, you can view the recording in any of your applications.

The recording feature of Skype for Business lets both the organizers and presenters record a meeting. The recording features the entire meeting’s content, including IM conversations, program sharing sessions, PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and whiteboards. You can save the recording to a shared location after the meeting is over. You can also view the recording by navigating to the Recording Manager. To record a meeting, click the Recording Manager icon.