How to Record Online Meetings

how to record online meetings

You can record your online meetings using several different methods. For example, you can use the built-in recording feature of Skype for Business or Zoom. Then, you can share these recordings with others. But this can be a tedious process, and you need a tool that can help you search through and share your recordings.


If you’re wondering how to record online meetings using Zoom, there are a couple of options that can help you get it done. First, you can record the meeting by setting it up to record automatically. However, that can take up a lot of storage space. If you’re unsure whether you want your meeting to be recorded or not, you can turn it on in the group settings and check the boxes next to “record consent.” Once the meeting is recorded, you can set up multiple audio notifications to let you know the recording has been made.

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You can also record individual audio tracks during a Zoom meeting. This feature is available when all participants are in the meeting, so it’s a great option if you’re planning to use separate audio files for different participants. You can also record the slides you’re showing, as long as you’re on a computer. To record the slides, click the green “Share Screen” button.


AnyMeeting is an online meeting platform that allows you to host online meetings, record audio, and share meeting notes. It offers unlimited storage and sharing capabilities. The service also lets you take meeting notes in real time, and then send them out automatically after the meeting. The company claims that its solution is HIPAA-compliant.

Using the AnyMeeting recording feature is simple and free. You can start recording any online meeting, pause it or set a time limit. You can also use real-time drawing tools to include text, arrows, and shapes in the recording. The recording link can be shared with anyone, and you can also see a preview of who has viewed it.

Skype for Business

To record an online meeting, go to the Tools tab in Skype for Business, then click Recording Manager. You’ll see a red button next to the record button, and you’ll be able to choose whether to record the meeting or not. When the meeting has finished, you can save the video or stop it if you’d like.

Once the recording is finished, you can listen back to it or share it with others. You can also rename or delete the recorded file. If you want to share a recording, you’ll need to ask each of the participants for their permission first.

Zoom’s built-in recording tool

If you’re hosting an online meeting, you can easily record your meeting with Zoom’s built-in recording tool. To start recording, log in to your Zoom account and click on the Participants tab. You’ll see a recording icon next to each participant’s name, which you can click to enable or disable.

Before you start recording, make sure that you have installed the audio driver on your computer. Also, you can check the microphone noise cancellation and audio enhancement options to ensure that you’re recording in high quality. When ready, hit the “REC” button. Once the recording has finished, click the “Save” icon in the preview window.

Movavi Screen Recorder

The Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders on the market. It records the screen and webcam, and allows users to cut out parts that are not important, as well as share error-free recordings. This is particularly useful if you are working virtually.

The Movavi Screen Recorder is user-friendly and is available for both Mac and Windows. It captures desktop activity, and can export the results in a variety of convenient formats, including YouTube, Google Drive, and more. It also supports screenshots and time recording.

Panopto Express

If you are looking for a solution that will record your online meetings, Panopto Express is an excellent option. The software detects your recording devices and opens them automatically. Click on the recording tab, and the software will automatically start recording when you join the meeting or video chat. You can also choose to share the audio feed as well.

Panopto provides intuitive video editing tools so that you can turn your meetings into collaborative documents. You can also edit and trim your recordings to enhance their quality. You can even invite others to see them.