How to Record Online Meetings

how to record online meetings

If you’re having an online meeting and you’d like to see what goes on during the meeting, here are a few tips. Zoom, AnyMeeting, Skype for Business, Panopto, and Microsoft Lync make it simple to record online meetings. You’ll also be able to view the transcription in real time. Using these tools, you can create an excellent transcript of your meeting. Read on to learn more.


If you are hosting a Zoom meeting, you can easily record it. The host can grant permission to participants to record the meeting. You can do this by hovering over the person’s name, and then selecting the Unmute or More button to view their options. To enable recording, select the “Allow recording” option. In addition, the host can pause or stop recording at any time. To enable recording, follow the steps in the Zoom hosting documentation.

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The process is quick and simple. To record a meeting, you must first start it and request permission from the person hosting the meeting. You can also select to record audio or video. When recording the video, you can choose to include timestamps and display the participant’s name on the video. The recording will be processed immediately after the meeting. If you wish to review the recording, make sure to ask permission from the host.


Unlike many online meeting programs, AnyMeeting lets you record online meetings. You can choose to record some meetings or all of them. You can customize the background and logo of the video conference with your own company’s branding. Recorded meetings can be transcribed and emailed to you afterwards, complete with action items. You can take notes during the meeting and send them to the participants afterwards, or collaborate directly on items shared during the meeting.

You can record your AnyMeeting sessions using a free screen recording program. Screen recording software can capture video from all video sources and is compatible with any format. EaseUS RecExperts allows you to record most screen recording activities without lag. It also allows you to capture the audio from the web meeting. For more information, please visit the AnyMeeting site. While you’re there, download the app to your computer and install it.

Skype for Business

There are a few simple steps to record online meetings in Skype for Business. The first step is to open the Recording Manager in the Skype for Business app and click “Recording”. Once you’ve completed recording, you can view it and select which parts to view or delete. You can also rename or delete the recording if necessary. Once you’ve saved your recording, you can share it on the internet.

When you’re ready to record your online meeting, click the recording option on the recording manager toolbar. The recording button will appear in the top-right corner of the meeting. Click on it to start the recording. Once the recording starts, the recording manager will open for you. You can rename or delete the recording from the recording manager. The recording manager can also be opened from the Tools menu. In order to access the recording manager, you must first be logged into Skype for Business.


If you’re looking for a convenient and inexpensive way to record online meetings, consider using Panopto. You can record your meetings in high-quality video, and Panopto is free. After the meeting ends, the recording begins processing automatically in the cloud. Panopto automatically uploads the recordings to a secure location. Once uploaded, your recordings will be available for viewing within minutes or hours. During the recording process, you can view other sessions in Meeting Recordings.

Both Zoom and Panopto record online meetings. Zoom is a web-based application that was originally designed for lecture capture, while Panopto is a video-conferencing platform that focuses on online meetings. Both record your meetings to the Zoom cloud or local hard drive, and integrate with Canvas. To record your online meetings, choose Zoom or Panopto – both services are available to UW faculty. For more information, see Zoom and Panopto features.

Office 365

In Office 365, you can record online meetings in different ways. You can choose to record a meeting in the language you want, such as English (US), English (Canada), Indian, UK, or Australia. If you wish to record a meeting in a language other than English, you can do this through an external service. However, recording is not available for meetings in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

First, you should ask the participants if they agree to the recording. This option is located in the toolbar. Click the ellipses on the toolbar to expand the options. There, you will find a record button. You can press this button if you want to record a meeting. When the recording is started, you will have the option to save it to OneDrive or SharePoint. It will end automatically after four hours unless all participants leave the meeting.