How to Use Video Chat for Online Church Meetings

online church meetings

One of the best ways to engage your online audience is through video. There are several ways you can do this, including video chat services like Zoom and Facebook. Here are a few ways you can make your online church meeting a success. You can also try using Facebook Live, YouTube, or Zoom to host the online church meeting. It all depends on your goals and budget. Alternatively, you can even plan a watch party for your online church meeting.


If you’re a pastor, you may already be familiar with Zoom, a software tool that allows you to hold virtual video conference meetings among members of your staff. However, you may not want to use Zoom for live streaming services. If you’re interested in using Zoom for your church meetings, you should read on to discover how to download the free software. Once downloaded, it allows you to hold up to 100 participants in a 40-minute meeting. You can also upgrade to a paid account for $15-20 per month for additional features.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Many churches require ease of use, and they’re looking for a system that is “turnkey” and easy to set up. While that may be too nefarious for them, Zoom allows the entire congregation to participate in the meeting, and prevents the possibility of a Zoom bomb, when a person steals sensitive information or uses inappropriate screen sharing. Because of this, churches will likely want to use Zoom. Luckily, this software allows for multiple hosts and can be set up without complicated equipment.


Using YouTube for online church meetings can help you reach a wider audience and promote your overall mission. Your pastor is a modern day mouthpiece who is a primary source of news, information, and encouragement to the congregation. A church video will help you share this message and attract new members and attendees. By incorporating church video content into your website, you can reach a worldwide audience and promote your mission. Here are three ways you can use YouTube to promote your church.

Live streaming: If you can’t make it in person, you can live stream your services via a quality smartphone or tablet. However, higher-quality equipment is recommended since it automatically connects to social media. You can stream the entire service, or just a few short videos of the sermon. For a more live-streaming service, have the pastor or other church leaders speak for 10 to 20 minutes on a specific topic. If your church has a lower attendance, you can also stream your most popular service. The more people watch your service, the more visitors you will get from it.


Whether you want to host your online church meetings on Facebook or organize a traditional one, there are a few things you should know. First, online church meetings require moderators. Moderators have to know how to manage the Facebook group, approve or deny membership requests, and moderate comments. Moderators are not admins, but they should understand your church’s Safeguarding policy to keep everyone safe. You should also consider the type of content you post.

Facebook groups are an excellent tool for establishing online church meetings. The groups are created on Facebook for the churches to use as a virtual foyer. Using Facebook groups to hold regular church meetings allows you to stay connected to members and to promote the church. You can use Facebook groups as a way to communicate with other church members and with the wider community. These groups also allow you to show your church’s facilities, nursery spaces, and other important information.

Watch party

There are several options for hosting a Watch Party for online church meetings. These parties are groups of people who share the same interest in a church meeting. They may participate in worship in person or virtually. Some people host their watch parties in a living room or other community space, and others participate virtually. You can invite friends to your watch party, provide childcare if needed, or arrange a meal, games, and other activities for the group to enjoy together.

You can host a Watch Party by selecting the “Create Post” option in the timeline. Type in “Connect Church” and select the location, Lone Tree, Colorado. Select a video and add a description about the event. After that, invite your friends to join the party. You can even invite guests and church members from your local church to the Watch Party. Once you have invited your friends, you can share the link of the Watch Party on Facebook or other social media sites.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live can be a fantastic tool for online church meetings. Most people use Facebook, so most of your church members will be on the platform. Plus, it’s free! If your church doesn’t have a Facebook page, it’s still possible to embed your livestream on a blog or website so that everyone can watch it. That way, everyone can watch your service from anywhere, anytime. And you can use Facebook Live to promote your church’s ministry.

To make the most of Facebook Live for online church meetings, you should know who your audience is. While it’s possible to replicate your worship experience in a live stream, you need to be authentic and not try to re-create it. Try to make it as authentic as possible, but make sure to turn off comments if you’re worried about trolling. Make sure to share a video stream of your previous events as well. It will encourage engagement, and let those who miss the live stream find it later.

Old School Ollie’s online church

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It all began when Ollie Auchenpaugh joined the New Birth Missionary as a child. He was part of a Gospel singing group, and he continued leading bible study meetings through high school. When he was appointed to UConn as a men’s basketball coach, he began attending church meetings and bible study conferences online. He also began a power hour service, a weekly gathering of young people that began at 9:00am Sunday mornings.