Icebreakers For Church Zoom Meetings

Icebreakers for church Zoom meetings

Icebreakers are a great way to help people bond. Without bonding, small groups will not be able to succeed.

Use online personality tests to break the ice and get participants sharing their likes and dislikes about one another. It also helps them understand their similarities and differences. This icebreaker usually takes five minutes or less.

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1. “Ask Me Anything”

This classic icebreaker is a great way to get your group members to know each other better. Ask them to share something about themselves and give them a predetermined amount of time to talk.

Then, ask them to answer questions like: “If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? Why?” or “If you could have one wish come true this year, what would it be?

Those colored multi-page grocery store ads become your tools for this fun icebreaker game. Pass out the cards and let players take three minutes to read through them. When they’re done, advise them to change their cards. The last person with a card wins. This is a good activity for groups of all sizes and Bible studies levels.

2. “Say Something”

Icebreaker games help small group members bond with one another. Without this, a small group is unlikely to thrive. These icebreaker games are also good for promoting laughter and teamwork in virtual meetings.

To play this Christian icebreaker game, each person writes down three things about themselves that are true and one that is false. They then present their facts to the group and the other participants try to guess which statement is false.

This icebreaker allows people to talk about their experiences in church and spirituality while having some fun. It can lead to more serious constructive debates if the facilitator manages the conversation well. This icebreaker can be done in small groups as well as large ones. You can also add silly props to the game for extra laughs.

3. “Sell an Item”

This icebreaker works well for large groups. Each team member takes turns saying two truths and one lie about themselves, and the other participants try to guess which is which. It’s a fun way to get to know your teammates and can lead to deeper conversations about personal experiences.

This icebreaker requires some preparation in advance, but it’s a great way to get the group mingling and laughing. It’s a variation on the “Tow Truths and a Lie” game, but with a few twists.

4. “Would You Rather”

Whether you’re looking for icebreakers to break the ice during a conference call or just to get your team members laughing, these “Would You Rather” questions are sure to do the trick. This icebreaker works well for teams of all sizes and is easy to adapt to your group’s unique needs.

To play this game, hand out a deck of cards to each player. Each player then places the card on their forehead without seeing it. The players can then advise each other to change cards, until the person with the smallest card is out.

This fun icebreaker helps to build trust, stretch comfort zones, and make memories that last. It’s great for groups of all ages and can even be played at family dinnertime.

5. “Shape Shifting”

With the coronavirus pandemic, many people have had to cut back on social events like church suppers and Sunday gatherings. However, some have also increased the frequency of Zoom meetings to keep in touch and build community.

Whether your church Zoom meetings take place online or in person, it’s important to use icebreakers to break the awkwardness that can come with group settings. Icebreaker games that involve people interacting with one another will help to build relationships and create a positive atmosphere for your church Zoom meeting.

In this team-based icebreaker, each member takes turns sharing three statements about themselves – one true and two false. When they share, the rest of the group tries to guess which statement is which. This icebreaker is great for large groups.