Icebreakers For Church Zoom Meetings

Icebreakers for church Zoom meetings

Whether you’re hosting a monthly church Zoom meeting or hosting a virtual event with a wider reach, you’ll need icebreakers to get your audience engaged. Here are some ideas: Sketch your neighbor, Bible Squeeze Relay, Puppers, Kitties, and Pawsome Pets. All of these can be played with any group. Once you’ve created an icebreaker, you can choose which activities to follow up with.

Laughter On Call

Laughter On Call icebreakers are a great way to start a church Zoom meeting without the usual stiffness that often characterizes such a meeting. This online game encourages people to laugh and share their experience. It also encourages people to meet others through a common interest. In the above scenario, everyone in the Zoom call is given 5 tokens. The person with the most tokens wins the game.

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Another popular icebreaker involves sketching someone’s neighbor. The member will have 10 seconds to come up with 5 things about that person. Once that person has said five things, the other members will have to guess what it is they’ve sketched. This game can also be played using an online whiteboard, Mural, or even paper and pen. Afterwards, everyone can guess which person said the word.

Bible Squeeze Relay

This icebreaker is the perfect way to kick off a bible study group. It emphasizes connecting on a spiritual level and getting to know each participant, and there’s no competition. This activity is also great for introducing scripture into group activities. Participants must form a line and squeeze hands as they pass them down the line. The last person in the line must read a scripture from the Bible, then the next person in line must squeeze the hand of the person next to them.

For this icebreaker, you’ll need a timer and buzzer. Next, distribute a list of questions to be asked by the group. You’ll need two circles, one inside the other. The inner circle moves when the buzzer goes off, while the outer circle stays still. Each participant has a limited amount of time to answer each other’s questions. This icebreaker works especially well with teens.

Sketch your neighbour

In a church Zoom meeting, there are many ways to engage your audience. Try a sketching game to start off the meeting. While most people are not talented artists, sketching someone’s neighbor on the whiteboard is a fun and engaging activity that builds a more open environment. Try a Mural online whiteboard game or a traditional paper and pen method to get everyone involved. Then, let each person guess who drew who.

The Bible is full of problems, and many Christians would love to discuss persecution, banishment of prayer, and the destruction of Christian monuments. However, it is important to avoid intense political discussions as these can lead to group splits and even anger. Some people feel shy about speaking up, which is fine. But unchecked, they can cause trouble. Sketch your neighbor is an excellent icebreaker for church Zoom meetings.

Two Truths & a Lie

Among the many icebreakers for church Zoom meetings, this classic game is a good choice for small groups. Its simple rules require members to list two truths about themselves and one lie. Each member then has to guess which one is the truth and which is the lie. This game helps people learn about each other and can also add a lot of laughter. A church Zoom meeting is not complete without this activity.

This icebreaker involves a participant guessing which statement is the truth and which is a lie. It is a great way to get to know one another, as each participant must make the other’s statement seem plausible while attempting to hide the truth. You can also create fun scenarios by asking participants about their favorite book, movie, or television show. And don’t forget the ever-popular two truths & a lie game, which requires participants to choose a fact between two hypothetical scenarios.