Is Zoom Church Meeting Right For Your Church?

Zoom church meeting

If you are looking for a cheaper, safer, and more convenient live streaming solution, try Zoom church meeting. This team-building activity is perfect for large groups. Unlike Skype and Google Hangouts Meet, it is also much easier to set-up. If you’re wondering if Zoom is right for your church, read on to learn more about this popular service. Also, consider this: It’s more reliable and secure than Skype.

Zoom church meeting is a team-building activity

One of the easiest team-building activities for a Zoom church meeting is to play a game called This or That. During the game, participants can ask each other questions and debate between two sides. They can draw on common experience or use basic logic to argue their points. The objective of the game is to win everyone over to their side. This game can be shortened by setting a time limit and using starter questions.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

It is cheaper than dedicated live streaming solutions

Video conferencing and live streaming are popular ways for churches to stay connected to members across the globe, but the two methods are not the same. Zoom is a popular option, but it wasn’t built for churches. In fact, it’s more costly than dedicated solutions. Therefore, you should consider using a dedicated solution like Subsplash Live to manage recorded media content. It automatically uploads videos and eliminates the need to download, edit, and reupload them. While Zoom offers barebones functionality, it’s also worth considering paying for a subscription. This way, you’ll be able to unlock more features, without having to pay for a separate solution.

Although it’s easy to use, a webcam will require a high-quality camera and a decent video-streaming software. Webcams are cheap, but they require a good internet connection. A high-quality camera costs anywhere from $500 to a thousand dollars, and you’ll need high-quality microphones and amplification. However, other computer-based solutions can deliver similar results.

It is safer than Skype

Using Zoom for a church meeting is more secure than using Skype, even though both allow up to 50 people on the call. Zoom also has better video stability and anti-tampering features, which prevents the hijacking of a meeting by malicious users. To start using Zoom, download the app for your computer, or login to your Skype account. Then set up a meeting, and send the link to everyone on your list via an email, WhatsApp group message, or Outlook appointment invitation.

Another major advantage of Zoom is its ability to allow non-users to join the call in a matter of seconds. While this can be frustrating for a church, it is possible to prevent “Zoomombombing” by simply clicking on a link in the meeting invitation. Also, you can password-protect the video meeting, but it’s cumbersome to type in a passcode each time someone joins the meeting.

It is easier to set-up than Google Hangouts Meet

The first reason why a Zoom church meeting is easier to set-up is the fact that the service is part of G suite, which includes Google chat and Google Meet. You can use both of these free services for your church meetings, though the latter is better for large groups. With both applications, you can have up to 250 participants, while Google Hangouts is limited to just 10 people. Another reason why Zoom is better is that it allows users to send each other messages during the call, so you’ll be able to get a hold of everyone’s thoughts.

While both services are great for small-scale church meetings, they lack a few key features. First, you won’t be able to stream live videos. But you can still use the services for Bible studies, staff meetings, and sermon discussions. Zoom is free to use for meetings with less than 100 participants and lasting less than 40 minutes. If you need to conduct a more extensive meeting, you can pay $15-20 per month for additional features.