Meetings For Alcoholics Anonymous – Are Online Meetings For AA Right For You?

online meetings for aa

You can join Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in person, online, by phone, or even in an outdoor setting. Depending on the format you prefer, A.A. meetings may be conducted using video or dial-in conference call numbers. Here are some of the benefits of online meetings and how to connect with the right technology. To find out whether an online meeting is right for you, read this article. This article will also cover the differences between an online and an in-person meeting.

Access to online meetings

Many people struggle with scheduling and may not be able to attend AA meetings in person. While AA meetings are held in many locations around the world, not all are convenient. For those who do have transportation issues, the online meetings allow them to attend anytime, anywhere. Online meetings are also generally anonymous. AA members can access online meetings at any time and at their own convenience. Online meetings may be less structured than the traditional meetings, but they can be just as effective.

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Access to online meetings for AA is free, and it can be done on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Simply access the website of the group you want to attend and click the green ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ button. You may be required to download the Zoom application. Once you have it, you can select whether you want to join the meeting with video or audio, depending on which option you choose. If you want to participate via phone, you can also select ‘Join by Phone’ from the drop-down menu.

Benefits of attending

Attending online AA meetings has several benefits. Attending an AA meeting online is convenient and confidential. The online format also eliminates the personal aspect of the meeting process. Users can search for meetings by language, date, or location. Meetings can be attended by registering with the organization. OIAA will provide contact information and links to group websites. After you’ve registered, you can join a meeting by following the link that is emailed to you.

Some people may not feel comfortable participating in an online AA meeting due to the lack of community or organizational structure. The jargon used in an online AA meeting helps people type faster and saves space. However, the format of the online meetings is often similar to those of offline AA meetings. Meeting guidelines are easier to follow in an online format. Aside from keeping the focus and attention of everyone, AA members should follow certain guidelines when taking part in online meetings.

Differences between online and in-person meetings

There are some differences between online and in-person meetings for AA. First, the in-person meetings are often more formal. Most meetings begin with a prayer or a moment of silence. Other meetings might focus on reciting the Responsibility Statement or other A.A. texts. The latter may be more informal. Whether an online group has this requirement or not is largely up to the group leader.

AA’s online meetings follow a similar format to its in-person meetings, with members introducing themselves and sharing their experiences. As with in-person meetings, members may share their stories of strength and recovery to help others. In addition, online meetings are confidential, so it’s difficult to reproduce or take screenshots of the discussion. However, people who are particularly concerned about privacy can create an alias and use their first names as their login names.

How to connect with the right technology

There are several different types of online meeting apps. While they all have similar features, each has unique advantages and disadvantages. Each app also differs in cost and features, but many are free to try out or at least offer a basic version. Once you have determined which software is best for your needs, setting up your meeting is easy. The tricky part is hosting it! There are many things to consider when hosting your online meeting.