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Are you interested in helping a patient recover from compulsive overeating? OA has a twelve-step program that can help you and your patient.

The OA recovery program is based on the spiritual principles of a Higher Power. OA members individually approach these principles in a way that is compatible with their own personal beliefs.

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OA meetings are held by members from all over the world who share their experience, strength and hope with each other. Meetings can take a variety of formats, depending on the needs of individual members and their particular group.

The OA program is built on the principle of anonymity, which means that members can share their stories without fear of judgment or shame. They can use a fictitious name or no name at all.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, OA offers telephone and online meetings. These make recovery from compulsive eating possible for members who cannot physically attend meetings, and serve as a valuable program supplement to those who attend face-to-face meetings.

OA has more than 400 weekly meetings for compulsive overeaters, bulimics and anorexics worldwide. These meetings help members identify and resolve common problems and learn how the Twelve Steps can lead to recovery. They also provide support through sharing, literature and telephone contact.


OA meetings are gatherings of members who share their personal experience, strength and hope in recovering from compulsive overeating, anorexia and bulimia. They meet to work their recovery program on three levels — spiritual, emotional and physical — through the Twelve Steps.

A sponsor is a member who has found success in abstinence and working the Twelve Steps, and who is willing to help others achieve that same recovery. The pamphlet Tools of Recovery says:

There are no specific qualifications for sponsorship in OA, but the best candidates are those who work a strong program on all three aspects of recovery and who are not attached to any particular “right” way of doing things.

When you’re trying to find a sponsor, attend as many meetings as possible. Often, meeting lists will have names of people who want to help newcomers, and you can ask someone from that list to be your sponsor.


If you cannot find a meeting in your area or if you are housebound, consider attending an online or telephone meeting. These are a valuable program supplement and have helped many OA members to achieve recovery.

OA meetings are group fellowship gatherings that are open to all who have a desire to stop eating compulsively. OA is based on the Twelve Steps, which means that members share their experience, strength and hope.

Meetings are usually led by a volunteer and include readings from OA literature or the serenity prayer. They may also include a speaker or a message from the group conscience.

These meetings do not require you to register, but it is a good idea to call the meeting contact first. Sometimes there are changes to meeting times or locations due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances, so it is best to call ahead.


OA meetings are a place to find support, strength and hope. They are also a place where members learn how to work the Twelve Steps of recovery.

The format of the meeting varies, but members often share their experiences and how the program has helped them. They are also encouraged to use the OA-sponsored literature, write about their experience and share their successes.

A successful meeting is one where everyone–newcomers, longtimers, and those in relapse–feels welcome. It takes time and effort to make OA-approved literature available at the meeting, take care of newcomers, and establish service opportunities for all members.

If you are new to OA, you can find a meeting near you by using the OA website. The site includes a list of phone, online, and non-real-time meetings. You do not have to register to attend these meetings.