Online Meeting Platforms

online meeting platforms

Online meeting platforms are a convenient way to facilitate communication between geographically dispersed individuals, teams and organizations. They reduce expenses, improve accessibility and promote inclusivity.

Some of the most popular virtual meeting platforms include Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. Each platform offers its own unique set of features and is best suited for different business needs.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a reliable and powerful online meeting platform that offers superior HD video conferencing. It is a highly secure solution that is easy to use and control.

Designed for organizations of all sizes, it improves team collaboration and boosts communication between team members. It also ensures that user data is safe and secure, allowing business owners to conduct meetings anywhere without compromising their privacy.

The platform is available as a native mobile app on iOS and Android, giving users the flexibility to start video conferences from wherever they are. Moreover, it includes multiple control settings such as permit speak, lock meeting and kick out.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting uses ultra-HD video and crystal-clear audio to faithfully recreate conventional face-to-face communication in the digital world. It also allows for screen sharing, recording and whiteboard capabilities.


Pexip is an online meeting platform that enables people to connect and work with peers, clients or customers globally. It allows them to setup quick meetings, webinars and town halls. It also supports instant messaging feature which ensures smooth communication between the team members and helps them solve business issues.

Pexip breaks down the barriers that make enterprise video conferencing expensive, hard to manage and unscalable. It focuses on delivering premium video collaboration that just works and makes use of existing hardware.

The solution offers a one-touch integration with Teams, Webex and Zoom to enable seamless video collaboration across departments. It enables a unified user experience and ensures that video conferencing systems and tools work together to save time and extend technology investments.

Its self-hosted and service solutions support a variety of out-of-the-box and custom options to integrate with your existing tools, systems and programs. It provides a centralized hub to manage your users, settings and features from a single interface.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an online meeting platform that offers a wide range of features and benefits. It can be used for video conferences, webinars, and training sessions.

The program is designed to be easy to use and provides a variety of pods that allow users to interact with others during meetings. It also includes interactive content for hands-on demos, asynchronous document reviews, and breakout discussions with experts.

It also allows participants to upload or download files and participate in polls and quizzes. These features are very useful for people who can’t attend a live event.

Another important feature is that it allows users to create live recordings of their meetings, preserving the interactive design of the meeting. These recordings can be accessed by viewers, who can then access web links, download files, and participate in polls, quizzes, and simulations.

Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a cloud-based online meeting platform that helps businesses collaborate more efficiently and reduce travel costs. Its features include screen sharing, audio conferencing, and web conferencing.

It also offers a variety of security features, including two-factor authentication (TFA). These security measures protect users against cyberattacks and ensure that all data exchanged during meetings is confidential.

This web conferencing tool is ideal for small and midsize enterprises that want to conduct webinars and interactive meetings with their audience. It also allows hosts to control their sessions and prevent attendees from disrupting the conversation.

There are a variety of plugins available for Zoho Meeting that increase its versatility and streamline its use. These include integration with email campaigns and automated syncing of sessions with Google Calendar.