Online Meeting Platforms

online meeting platforms

Online meeting platforms have become an essential part of modern business operations. They allow businesses to connect with employees, clients and colleagues in real-time. These tools are valuable for reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Some online meeting platforms have features like call notice, screen sharing, muting, and whiteboards. Others have more complex features, such as noise minimization and transcriptions.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.


Kumospace helps remote teams build connections and a sense of cohesion, regardless of location. Teammates can chit-chat after All Hands meetings, grab a quick question from their availability bar, or meet up for a spontaneous discussion around the water cooler. Its augmented reality features let teammates feel like they’re together, too.

The virtual office has immersive spatial audio and a chat feature for direct messaging. It also has a built-in video conferencing tool. The platform supports both web browsers and mobile apps. Its developers are always adding new integrations to help people fit it into their workflows.

It is important to communicate with your attendees that they need to use a supported browser in order to join the Kumospace virtual meeting. It’s recommended that you message them a list of the supported browsers and devices.


Zoom offers free video conference calls for up to 40 minutes and is perfect for small businesses. The platform also features AI-powered meeting summaries and prompt-based email responses. It has a clean, intuitive design and easy-to-use functionality.

Zoom recently made security changes that reassure users. Among other things, the app now requires passwords by default for all meetings. This helps to ensure that only people who are invited to a call can join it. The platform also has tools to remove and mute participants on the call and to disable private chat.

Users can also choose to record their meetings locally on their computer or in the cloud. They can even share their local recordings with other Zoom users. They can also choose to display closed captioning during their meetings.


Slack is a collaboration platform that integrates chat, video conference calls, file storage, and other tools into one place. Its features enable teams to communicate and work together seamlessly, fostering stronger communities of practice and leadership.

Slack channels are like expanded group chats and can be either public (anyone can join) or private (invite-only). Users can also create threads to organize multiple conversations going on at once, preventing tangents from derailing discussions.

Another feature is the ability to pause notifications, which is helpful for people working with colleagues across time zones. To pause notifications, click on your profile image and select “Pause notifications.” You can then set a specific time to resume them. This is especially useful for teams that collaborate with a large number of people.


Gatheround is a software-as-a-service subscription business that offers interactive services for people to connect with each other remotely. Its features include video calling, online meetings, conversations, conversation prompt cards, interactive groups & rooms management, smart matching, and digitally crafted templates. Its technology is based on research about how humans connect with each other.

The cofounders of Gatheround believe that there is a need for a different kind of communications platform that can provide greater meaning to the connections that are made in a virtual environment. The platform is designed for companies and individuals who are relying on remote work to get their jobs done.

The company has been growing steadily since its launch in 2018, and it is now announcing new funding to help expand its product offerings. Its current customers include 55% of the Fortune 500 and 700 educational institutions.


Toasty is a free and simple-to-use video meeting platform that allows hosts to create highly interactive experiences in small groups. It is ideal for educators, team leaders, and product makers looking to create meaningful connections. It also facilitates brainstorming sessions and design thinking workshops. Its immersive environment and engaged participation are key to a successful virtual meeting.

Toasty features a variety of impressive modules including appropriately-timed cues and intuitive breakouts that enhance audience engagement rates in real-time. Its pre-designed templates include activities such as a fast-paced “Who Said That” guessing game and Conversation Cards to encourage discussion on various topics.

Toasty also includes breakout rooms and Miro whiteboards, which are great tools to keep attendees engaged during virtual meetings. Its control center enables meeting hosts to manage participants and move them to different breakout rooms as needed.