Online Meeting Platforms for Businesses

online meeting platforms

With the advent of online meeting platforms, businesses can work with their employees across different locations without the hassle of traveling. This can help them save a lot of time and other resources.

Moreover, these platforms also come with features like screen sharing, audience engagement tools, networking tools etc. These features make the meetings more engaging and immersive.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that allows online meetings, webinars, file sharing, and chat for users in companies of all sizes. It has a free tier that allows unlimited one-on-one meetings but limits group sessions to 40 minutes and 100 participants.

Its paid tiers start at $15 per month for each host, and the company has various hardware devices that are compatible with its software suite. These include smartphones, tablets, speakers, and whiteboards.

Security features are available in Zoom, allowing you to lock your meeting so new people cannot join, remove current participants on the call, and mute them. It also has privacy options and a waiting room feature to control the time of the meeting.

Zoom also offers automatic transcription. This feature must be activated by account holders with admin privileges, but it is a handy option to have in case you need to search for a specific phrase during the meeting.


Skype is a popular VoIP application that allows you to communicate through voice, video and instant messaging. The software is available for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Skype for Business integrates voice and video calls, meetings (up to 250 participants), presence, and instant messaging in one easy-to-use client. It also makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues with a consistent and familiar experience across PCs, smartphones and browsers.

With Skype, you can make free video and voice calls to anyone with a compatible phone. You can also make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has a variety of features and capabilities to help your business communicate effectively. These include online video and audio conferencing, scheduling assistance and meeting recording, as well as screen sharing.

Microsoft teams also offers a sophisticated meeting calendar that assists with scheduling and helps you find the best time for meetings. It also provides a secure platform where you can work together with your team and stay connected.

If you have a remote team, online meetings are important to ensure everyone is on the same page. Microsoft Teams has a range of features to support online meetings, including high-quality video conferencing and audio conferencing.

In addition, Microsoft teams is constantly evolving to provide new features and benefits to its users. These include artificial intelligence for in-line message translation, transcriptions during recordings and more.


Online meeting platforms are a great way to conduct virtual meetings across the globe. These services allow users to communicate with one another via video calls and webinars.

Toasty is a free, online meeting platform that allows you to host meetings for up to 25 attendees at a time. It also offers a variety of icebreakers and team-building activities to keep attendees engaged during meetings.

The platform is easy to use and requires no prior knowledge. It also has a variety of customizable templates that can be customized for any type of meeting.

It offers a free plan with minimal features, which can be upgraded to the Plus or Premium plans. The Plus and Premium plans offer up to 100 attendees, 3 hours of meeting time, and integrations with your favorite tools. The Premium plan also includes round-the-clock support.