Online Meetings For Addicts

online meetings for addicts

Online meetings for addicts are a great way to find a support group or meetup without having to leave home. They are especially beneficial for people who need to attend meetings during odd hours, are physically inactive or would simply rather be more convenient. In addition, they are available worldwide. The convenience of online meetings is another reason why they are so popular. So, why choose one? Let’s look at the pros and cons of online meetings for addicts.


AA and NA both have online meetings for addicts. These meetings are held over the internet, and follow the same format as live meetings. The meeting host speaks about a topic or shares their recovery story, and then attendees share their experiences. These meetings maintain an atmosphere of anonymity, and participants are prohibited from taking screenshots or reproducing meeting content. Users who are concerned about privacy can create an account under an alias. This makes the entire process of seeking help much easier.

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Other online meetings for addicts include: Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Pills and Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition to meetings, these organizations offer self-help addiction recovery programs. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, GreySheeters Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous also provide online support forums and meetings. They are free and have no membership fees. The website is updated daily and includes information about upcoming meetings.


The advantages of Al-Anon online meetings for addict families are many. These meetings are virtually continuous, and geographical differences are nonexistent. As an added bonus, they are open to alcoholics and their families. Online chat rooms are also available, which allow you to have “real time” meetings. Although some require special software to participate, there are many that do not. Al-Anon online is a valuable resource for those looking for a support group for alcoholics.

There are dozens of groups and online meetings for addicts. Beginners can find one on Friday nights at 8pm EST. Beginners can join on their computers or use their smartphones or tablets. But One Purpose AFG, which meets on Saturdays and Sundays, can be accessed via the StarChat IRC network. Step Chatters, who meet at noon EST on Wednesdays, can connect with other addicts in similar situations.

Checkup & Choices

The CheckUp & Choices for addicts web app provides information and interactive exercises in a series of modules. This program is independent of any formal treatment program. It is openly available and offers subscriptions of three months to 12 months. In addition to offering a 12-month program, the web app offers a free program for veterans who want to cut back or stop drinking. It has shown improvements in drinking levels among participants, but the degree of severity of the addiction may affect the results.

SMART Recovery and Checkup & Choices are partners. CheckUp & Choices is an online self-lead program that screens participants for alcohol use disorders. The program features feedback on drinking habits and options for cutting back on alcohol. It costs $79 for three months or $149 for a whole year. The app also includes interactive and confidential check-ins every three months. There are many online programs out there to choose from, but CheckUp & Choices for addicts is the most effective one.

Narcotics Anonymous

There are countless benefits of attending Narcotics Anonymous online meetings for addicts. You will receive supportive advice and support. Meetings are usually short and toll-free, which makes them convenient for people who have no time to attend traditional meetings. Narcotics Anonymous online meetings are a great option for people who have completed a drug detox procedure and are in search of sober support. You can also attend meetings from the comfort of your own home if you have a computer and an internet connection.

Online meetings provide the same benefits of in-person meetings, such as peer support, but you can take advantage of a variety of resources. These support groups will be available four times a day, at 9AM, 12PM, and 3PM. You can even take part in self-care activities like yoga, which are very helpful for sobriety. Many of these programs will use Zoom and text chat to hold meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The great thing about Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings is that they’re accessible to people in any language. Despite the differences in language and location, many online meetings have the same fundamental features. Regardless of the language of the meeting, members are welcomed to participate and are never judged. Members share their experiences and are encouraged to discuss their struggles in an open and honest environment. An AA online meeting can be helpful in gaining the necessary information and support to overcome the challenges of alcoholism.

The format of the meetings is similar to those in live meetings, with a speaker sharing their experience and a topic to discuss. Everyone is encouraged to share their experience. The format of these meetings is similar to that of live meetings, although online meetings maintain an element of anonymity. Screenshots and reproducing the content of the meetings are prohibited. Participants can use anonymous accounts if they feel uncomfortable with their privacy. Online meetings usually feature a speaker who’s in recovery from alcoholism.