Online Meetings For Alcoholics

online meetings for alcoholics

If you’re looking for an online meeting for alcoholics, you’ve come to the right place. You can find information on COVID-19, AAOnline, and Message boards. These are all nonprofit organizations that provide guidance on AA’s 12th Step philosophies and resources. The 12th Step Committee provides support and advice around the clock. Listed below are some of the most popular online meetings for alcoholics.


There are now thousands of AAOnline online meetings for alcoholics. AAOnline meetings are available in different time zones and languages, making it easy to find one that is convenient for you. While many AA meetings take place in person, there are those who need a more flexible schedule and cannot leave their home. You can also set up your own online meetings and find a group that matches your needs. Whether you choose to meet with a group online or in a physical meeting, you should prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Don’t let your digital screen keep you from being fully focused. If you are unable to concentrate on the meetings, there is a high probability that you’ll be distracted by other things going on in your home.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

The OIAA directory is updated regularly and allows you to browse through different groups according to the type of meeting you’re looking for. You can also search by language, location, or meeting date. You can also find contact information for individual groups. There are several types of meetings, including free, paid, and anonymous. The website also includes links to websites where you can join a local AA meeting. The meetings run by AA groups are private, anonymous, and confidential.


COVID-19 online meetings for alcoholic people allow people in remote locations to take part in support groups without physically being present. These meetings can be conducted using video streaming, but broadband Internet connection is necessary. Participants can also participate by telephone. These meetings have been shown to increase the turnout of recovery groups, with new members joining each week. The survey also asked respondents to rate the effectiveness of the meetings for themselves and for newcomers.

These virtual meetings are hosted by the Boston Medical Center, which compiles COVID-19 recovery resources and links to virtual meetings. They are also hosted by SAMHSA, which provides self-care resources and self-help tips. For more information about these online meetings, visit COVID-19. This website will also help you find support groups and self-care activities for alcoholism and drug addiction. It is free to join and doesn’t require special applications.

Real-time chat meetings

The growth in popularity of social networks has created many opportunities for mutual aid and patient empowerment in long-term diseases like addiction. However, there may be differences between online meetings and traditional ones, particularly in the ways that mutual aid is practiced. This study examines the use of an online community known as Soberistas for problem drinkers. It sought to characterize the community and identify its characteristics in order to consider the mechanisms of action of such a community. The researchers used a cross-sectional online survey as the main method of data collection.

Online meetings will uphold the tradition of anonymity, so no recording or profanity will be allowed. They will last approximately 60 minutes and will be led by a chairperson. The meeting format will depend on the chairperson and will begin with a reading from a big book to open the discussion and encourage sharing. Afterwards, it will be followed by a social hour to help the group bond and share their stories.

Message boards

While the message boards are hardly the same as face-to-face AA meetings, they do share one thing in common: they help fellow recovering alcoholics find new hope and a sense of purpose. This online community is facilitated by a member group called the Online Intergroup. Its members share a common purpose: the spread of the AA message to other still-suffering alcoholics.

Many message boards feature a variety of different topics and forums. Some support groups are more focused on certain topics, while others provide a variety of solutions. The main forums of online meetings are the Classic Posts section, which features archival versions of the most popular posts from the past. Other message boards have forums for specific addictions and addictive behaviors. Unlike face-to-face meetings, these forums are available around the clock.

Email exchanges

Many members of Online Al-Anon and other groups participate in meetings by email. The format varies, but essentially, members post to one email address and the message is forwarded to all other members on the list. In this type of meeting, a “chairperson” introduces topics, and discussion takes place in the format of an open forum. A Serenity Place, for example, has a daily meeting and uses both traditional and open topics.

Because the number of people using the Internet to connect with AA meetings has increased, the online group format is a great option. Online AA meetings can be conducted around the clock. However, not every alcoholic has access to a computer, so these meetings may not be as effective. Email exchanges for online meetings for alcoholics are a great way for a person to get the support and guidance he or she needs to recover.