Online Meetings For Alcoholics

online meetings for alcoholics

For a quick and convenient way to attend a virtual meeting, try Recovery Centers of America. This group hosts meetings over the phone, web chat, or Zoom. There’s no need to download an app. You can also use the meeting as self-care. There are many types of meetings offered, from Tempest to LifeRing. Read on to learn more about the different types. We’ve also included information about self-care.


When you have problems with alcohol or substance abuse, there are many ways to get help. Fortunately, there are many different online programs that can help you. The Tempest program is designed with women and historically oppressed groups in mind. It encourages a holistic approach to recovery, addressing factors such as poor nutrition, lack of connection, and anxiety that may have contributed to drinking. It also encourages recovery from depression and other psychological issues.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution to alcoholism or a discreet option to meet with other recovering alcoholics, Tempest can help. It has a variety of membership levels and can benefit anyone who is serious about sobriety. This program is not just a meeting, though: it also provides valuable tips and resources, and offers several membership options to meet your needs. Ultimately, the Tempest program is all about helping you stop drinking alcohol and achieve sobriety in the comfort of your own home.


If you’d like to join LifeRing online meetings for alcoholics, there are a few things you need to know. While it’s true that the organization doesn’t record its meetings, the convenors do answer emails and give private advice to those who need it. A LifeRing convenor is in recovery, and must have some knowledge of the philosophy and principles of sobriety.

Most of the meetings are “how was your week” meetings, where everyone checks in with their first name and how long they’ve been sober. They also talk about upcoming recovery events and check-in times. Special meetings are held for a specific topic. LifeRing also offers WorkBook Meetings, which are structured discussions based on Recovery by Choice, a workbook for building a personal recovery program.

Club Soda

If you’re trying to stay sober and quit drinking, Club Soda has you covered. The organization promotes sobriety through mindfulness and has online meetings and a Facebook community. Members of Club Soda can share their experiences, share resources and offer encouragement. You can also join a live event or communicate with other members through email and social media. For more information, visit

In its initial form, Club Soda was known as Rule 62. It opened on Hulman Street in 1988, and later relocated to Ninth Street. A member renamed the group Club Soda, and in 1999, it moved to its current location in a former grocery store. Members and visitors alike can learn more about sobriety at Club Soda online meetings.

Self-Management and Recovery Training

The Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) program is a global network of mutual-support groups that help people overcome addiction and develop the power to change. The program teaches people how to develop and maintain healthy coping mechanisms, and it is available in many cities around the world. Individuals and families can access SMART meetings online, or attend in-person meetings held in treatment centers.

Alcoholics Anonymous, an international organization that offers self-help and group welfare, is a great example of an online support group. Alcoholics Anonymous is an open group that is free to join and runs meetings around the world. Members are free to choose the methods they feel most comfortable using. Once they’ve made the decision to stop drinking, they can continue to participate in other 12-step groups and treatment programs.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Bridge provides substance abuse evaluations and treatment to individuals in need. Some signs that someone is abusing substances include financial difficulties, needing more alcohol than normal, and affecting work performance, interpersonal relationships, and health. These people may benefit from the Salvation Army online meetings for alcoholics. These meetings are designed to help individuals make positive changes. Regardless of where you live, there is a Salvation Army bridge near you.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers offer 180-day residential work-therapy programs for those suffering from substance abuse. They provide emotional, social, and spiritual assistance. In addition to offering evidence-based treatment, Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers offer a free, confidential environment for recovering alcoholics and addicts to start their road to recovery. Thousands of Americans go to these programs every day.