Online Meetings For Depression

online meetings for depression

Seven Cups of Tea is an online community-based depression support website that offers free emotional support. The site gets its name from the poem “7 Bowls of Tea” by Lu Tong, which describes the mental benefits of drinking tea. The site offers many benefits, including peer support chat services, 300 articles on mental health, videos, and other resources. However, it is not without its drawbacks.


NAMI support groups follow a structured model to help group members share their experiences, gain empathy, and gain empowerment from one another. Each group meeting has limited seats, so pre-registration is essential. Participants must be at least 18 years old and complete an application to participate. These meetings are confidential.

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Online meetings offer many advantages over face-to-face meetings. They provide a secure and anonymous environment to talk about mental health problems, find a support group that suits your schedule, and participate in educational webinars. Although online support groups can help you overcome your feelings and learn from other people’s experiences, they should not replace professional help. If you’re experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts, it’s important to see a qualified mental health professional.

For those who don’t have the time to attend a local meeting, NAMI has online meetings for depression. Meetings are held at various times throughout the week. Participants can choose between various options to attend meetings, from weekly meetings to one-on-one sessions. Those who can’t make it to a meeting can call a peer support group. These groups are facilitated by people who’ve suffered from the same mental health problems and can offer you support.

SMART Recovery

If you are looking for online meetings for depression, you can try SMART Recovery. This organization is a peer-based support group that teaches the Four Point Program. The goal of the group is to help people find ways to live their lives in a healthier and more fulfilling way. Its meetings are held online and in person, and participants design their own recovery plans. The website also includes articles and publications that offer additional help.

SMART Recovery meetings are held all over the world, but you can also join one online. They are open to anyone, including people in the early stages of recovery. Meetings are also free, though many groups ask for donations to help pay for materials. Some groups also offer volunteer opportunities. Facilitators recommend that you attend at least five meetings before making a decision about whether the program is a good fit for you. While there are fundamental tools that are taught at these meetings, it is important to note that the program does not provide a cure for depression.


The ADAA online meetings for depression and anxiety are peer-to-peer groups that are safe and anonymous. Members can contribute to existing conversations or start their own. The ADAA has almost 50,000 subscribers and a Spanish-language group. Members can access the group through their website or app.

The online community of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America provides comprehensive information about depression and anxiety, as well as a peer-to-peer support group. The group’s online forums are anonymous, and they have more than 40,000 members from around the world. The forums are an open forum for people dealing with depression or anxiety, and there is no set time for these meetings. Members can post questions and share their experiences in the forums. The ADAA also offers a mobile app that connects members with people in similar situations.

To access an online depression support group, a person must first determine what their greatest need is and then research for suitable websites. They should be free to access from any computer with an Internet connection. The benefit of peer-to-peer support is that it helps people feel less alone and removes the stigma of depression.


Zencare is a two-sided online marketplace that matches users with mental health providers. The website was founded by Yuri Tomikawa, who was frustrated by the ineffectiveness of traditional mental health practices. He struggled to find a qualified therapist and often encountered opaque costs and unclear expertise.

In addition to connecting users with licensed therapists, Zencare offers a list of virtual support groups moderated by mental health experts and therapists. These groups focus on coping skills for everyday life and managing anxiety upon returning to work. Groups are priced per session or month and some groups have a sliding scale.

Online groups are especially beneficial for those living in rural areas or those who may not have access to transportation. They also offer a safe and anonymous space for people to share their experiences. Some may even find that they can relate to others through these online groups.

Women for Sobriety

Women for Sobriety is a non-profit organization that offers online meetings for women who have a substance use disorder. The organization’s mission is to empower women to be self-reliant and free from the cycle of addiction. Its methods are based on self-esteem and self-control. It also promotes positive thinking and affirmations.

The organization was founded by Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., in 1975. In her efforts to help women overcome their addictions, Kirkpatrick drew inspiration from the writings of Thoreau and Emerson. She developed a program that focused on the development of women’s self-esteem, spiritual growth, and lifelong development. She also welcomes all expressions of women’s identity and has a special program for LGBTQIA+ women.

The benefits of a virtual meeting include convenience and availability. People who work long hours or who have health conditions may find it difficult to attend meetings in person. Virtual meetings are also available around the world, which makes recovery easier for people in different locations.