Online Meetings For Depression

online meetings for depression

You can join online meetings for depression without leaving the comfort of your own home. The following are a few examples of organizations that host such events. The SMART Recovery program is one example. Others include OK2TALK, 7 Cups, and ADAA. Mental health America is also an online community for those who have depression or who care for someone who does. The forums are moderated by volunteers and cover topics including medication, relationships, and the “water cooler”.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a self-help, mutual support program that promotes self-reliance and empowerment. Its meetings are free and open to the public. SMART Recovery programs benefit individuals in recovery, as well as their families and friends. SMART Recovery groups usually accept donations for materials and volunteer opportunities, and many facilitate online meetings for depression. Before deciding whether or not SMART Recovery is right for you, the facilitators recommend attending at least five meetings to gain a better idea of the program.

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There are a variety of face-to-face meetings available, but many have temporarily ceased to meet. To find a face-to-face meeting, check the SMART Recovery website or talk to the facilitator. Due to reduced staffing, the SMART Recovery website may not be updated as frequently as before. Therefore, it is advisable to check with the facilitator before signing up for a face-to-face meeting.


If you suffer from a mental health issue like depression or anxiety, you can connect with other teens and young adults who are suffering in a supportive online community. By joining OK2TALK, you will have access to forums, photo galleries, inspirational quotes, song lyrics, and other information about depression and other mental illnesses. You can also join peer-led Zoom meetings, where other people with the same struggles can share their experiences. You can find out about meeting dates, times, and topics, and it is a safe and moderated place to ask for help.

Depression is a difficult mental illness to deal with, and it can feel very isolating. Joining online meetings for depression is a great way to feel less alone and find people who can relate. However, you should note that these support groups do not replace therapy. They are designed to help you cope with your depression, but are not intended to be a replacement for it. It is best to find professional help before starting an online support group for depression.

7 Cups

If you are struggling with depression, you’re not alone. There are online support groups for depression and other related conditions that can help. In addition to a forum, 7 Cups offers guides that can help you manage various emotions and depressive feelings. By connecting with others, you can share your thoughts and experience. This is especially helpful if you are not feeling up to talking to people face to face. You can even join scheduled meetings for support groups.

A great way to connect with other people who are facing similar situations is by attending 7 Cups online meetings for depression. The program offers weekly support groups, as well as sharing circles, and is even available on mobile devices. Seven Cups has a 24/7 trained listener who is available to answer questions and provide emotional support to anyone who needs it. This online community is free to use and offers various features to support members. These include 1-on-1 live chats with trained active listeners, growth paths with easy-to-follow steps, group chats, and icebreakers.


The ADAA online meetings for depression provide a safe and confidential environment for those with anxiety or depression. The meetings are peer-led and free from judgment or labeling, which can make it easier for you to feel less alone. You can meet new people and find ways to cope with your condition, too. You can even learn new skills and find hope from other people who have been through the same thing. The ADAA maintains a list of meetings, as well as other resources.

The ADAA community was started as a weekly meeting for those with depression in Los Angeles, and now has members in more than 120 countries. You can choose from over 25 peer-led meetings online. Each meeting listing includes the date, time, and sponsor organization. You can also choose to join anonymously or participate as an observer. You can find people with similar experiences with a particular topic by participating in online forums.


NAMI online meetings for depression offer a convenient way to find peer support and discuss mental health issues. These meetings are free and peer-led, and attendees are encouraged to share their stories and get support from other people who have experienced similar experiences. Registration is required 48 hours before the meeting, so if you can’t make the meeting in person, you can still join the NAMI connection online. However, note that you must register in advance for online meetings, since some groups are small and space is limited.

Peer-led support groups are a good resource. Peer-to-peer communication is common, and online meetings for depression are no exception. However, they should not replace the support of a licensed mental health professional. When you’re considering joining a peer-led online support group, you should consider contacting a mental health professional. Different groups follow different formats. Some have an open format while others have a step-by-step process, and some even plan activities that allow you to interact with others who are experiencing the same problems.