Online Meetings For Depression

online meetings for depression

There are a variety of benefits to online meetings for depression. For one, they are available online, meaning that anyone can attend, no matter where they are located. Historically, depression has been difficult to access, partly due to societal stigma, but recent technological advances have changed this. Online meetings for depression provide the added benefit of anonymity and confidentiality. That is why many people are turning to them for support. Read on to learn more.


DBSA online meetings for depression are peer-led chatrooms where people with bipolar and other mood disorders share their experiences, coping strategies, and hope. There are several groups, including ones for family members and caregivers. Participants can join one of the many national or local groups. You don’t need to use a webcam, though. All you need is your voice. The support group will be a good source of hope.

Have you tried Meetn, the new online meeting platform?
It’s turning out to become a decent alternative to Zoom and to the other major platforms.

Unlike many support groups, DBSA online meetings for depression do not require members to attend in person. Instead, they allow members to read messages anytime, day or night. Some online groups offer forums, email subscriptions, and live chats to keep members connected with one another. This allows members to interact with peers from around the world, without the added expense of childcare. DBSA members can also read the messages of others.

The Tribe

The Tribe offers peer support groups to help members share stories and find other people going through similar challenges. It offers live chat, blogs, and group forums. All of these support groups are free to join, and members can access them from any computer or phone. To learn more about the services offered by The Tribe, read our review. This information may help you decide if The Tribe is the right support group for you.

Psych Central Community has been around since 1999. It is one of the largest online depression support forums. There are also special support groups for military and Black moms, as well as queer and trans parents. Online groups are a great way to connect with others and find help with depression. A supportive community can be invaluable for overcoming a depressive episode. But finding the right support group can be tricky. For this reason, many people find it helpful to join a free support group.

Mental Health America

If you’re suffering from depression or another mental health condition, you can connect with others online through forums and peer-to-peer support. The website Inspire connects people with the same mental health challenges and offers more than 2 million registered members a wide variety of categories to choose from. They offer general groups for depression, specific medical conditions, and even young adults and teens. There are also webinars and peer-support specialist training programs.

Many of these support groups are peer-led, meaning that people in the group may share their experiences, tools, and advice. They’re not intended to replace the advice of a licensed mental health professional, though, so you should always consult a professional first. Some online forums offer meetings facilitated by volunteers, while others may plan activities for members to discuss their specific challenges. Mental Health America has several options available, and they are free and easy to access.

Developing E-Health Services (DES) study

The DES study examined an online group intervention for depression utilizing video-conferencing technology. The methodology incorporated Participatory Theme Elicitation (PTE) to make user participation in data analysis more accessible. PTE analyses individual themes into combined ones, and presents the results graphically. DES also included a focus group discussion to gauge satisfaction and motivation. Developing E-Health Services: Improving the Quality of Care Through Technology

The study included a self-administered questionnaire that assessed participant characteristics, including use of computers, literacy, and access to technology. Participants were asked questions about their readiness for eHealth implementation, the feasibility of using eHealth, and the personal benefit of eHealth. These results can serve as a benchmark for implementing eHealth in primary care settings. This study found that most participating primary health care settings are ready for implementation.


NAMI peer-led groups are offered both online and in person across the United States. During these meetings, members meet weekly or biweekly to share their experiences and provide support. These groups are a valuable resource for depression sufferers, because they foster empathy, productive discussion, and a sense of community. Additionally, NAMI groups can help participants discover their inner strength. These groups also teach how to use local resources, such as support groups.

In addition to offering online meetings for people with depression and other mental illnesses, NAMI also offers a Family Support Group for family members and caregivers of those with mental illness. This group follows the signature family support group model, and is led by two trained facilitators. It is limited to fifteen people, so it’s important to sign up early to avoid being left out. If you’d like to participate in an online meeting, fill out a brief interest form to receive more information.