Online Meetings For Depression

online meetings for depression

When you are suffering from depression, the last thing you want is to feel alone and hopeless. However, there are some groups and organizations that can help. The Livewell Foundation, 7 Cups of Tea, ADAA, and Depression Understood are just a few of the organizations that provide support. In addition to these groups, you can connect with others through online forums and blogs. These organizations also have trained wall guides to offer support and advice.

Livewell Foundation

There are many ways to find support when you are suffering from depression. Online forums can be a great place to find information about depression and get the emotional support you need. Although these meetings can be a valuable tool for dealing with depression, they should not be used as a substitute for counseling by a licensed mental health professional. Regardless of the format, it’s essential to discuss any concerns or medication changes with your doctor.

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The LiveWell Foundation is a nonprofit organization that runs free online peer-led support groups. These groups are facilitated by trained peer volunteers who use an online video platform to help you participate in discussions. Participants sign in using their first names and are guided by a trained facilitator. These groups are peer-led support groups, not medical or emergency mental health treatment. Regardless of the format, the LiveWell Foundation’s online meetings for depression are a great way to find support for depression.

Depression Understood

An online community for depression sufferers and caregivers can be helpful. Online meetings are moderated by volunteers and can help you find and discuss topics related to your condition. Discussion topics can be anything from medication to relationships and can be used as a “water cooler.”

There are many different types of online meetings. Some are real-time and some function through newsgroups. Online support groups can be categorized as asynchronous and synchronous. Synchronous groups function through newsgroups and feature online chat rooms. Members can chat with one another anonymously, but can still use pseudonyms. They also have designated times and generally last about an hour. Online meetings can also be a convenient alternative to offline meetings.

7 Cups of Tea

In addition to offering online meetings for depression, 7 Cups also connects users with emotional support and resources. The name comes from a poem written by Lu Tong titled “7 Bowls of Tea,” which explores the mental benefits of tea. Members of the online support group are encouraged to use the tools and resources offered by 7 Cups to help themselves and others. They also can seek professional help through the support of volunteers, peer mentors, and professionals.

Seven Cups is a mental health community with online meetings for depression and other mental health issues. It is a good choice for those looking for one-on-one support from others or don’t have the time to meet with a counselor or therapist. The free service includes one-on-one live chats with trained active listeners, growth paths with easy-to-follow steps, and group chats. The app also includes icebreakers for easing the awkwardness and isolation that often accompany online meetings for depression.


For online depression support, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America offers peer-to-peer support groups in Spanish and English. Members of these support groups share their stories, seek advice, and seek out others who have gone through similar experiences. The group focuses on depression and anxiety, but also covers other mental illnesses like ADHD and PTSD. Users of the support group can access it on their computers or via the ADAA’s iOS app.

The AADA also offers educational resources on its website. Online meetings are held weekly, and there are guidelines for respectful interactions. The topics are wide-ranging, and you may feel less alone with the support of other members. Be sure to check out the “no observers” policy if you’re afraid to talk to others in person about your depression. There are no self-promotion rules on the AADA’s online meetings, so you don’t have to be a member of the association to take advantage of the resources it offers.


The DBSA is a nonprofit organization that offers peer-run support groups in many different cities. Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, or San Diego, you can find a support group in your community. Each chapter offers different services and benefits, but all are intended to help people manage their mental health problems. Support groups are volunteer-run, and most are based on facilitated meetings. Chapters may also include professional advisors in their local community.

DBSA groups are held online, making them an ideal option for those who cannot attend a face-to-face meeting. The online meetings are moderated, so they provide a safe, supportive environment for individuals struggling with depression or other mood disorders. DBSA members praise the organization for offering education and support. The only drawback is that you must sign up to attend the meetings, but they are free and are well worth it.