Online Meetings For Depression

online meetings for depression

If you’re struggling with depression, you don’t have to feel alone. There are many organizations and companies that provide online meetings for depression, such as COVID and the Livewell Foundation. You can also get information on depression prevention from a national helpline database. Regardless of the reason that you’re suffering, there are resources that can help you overcome your depression and find the best ways to recover. If you’re searching for help, you’ve come to the right place.

COVID led to online meetings for depression

When the COVID crisis hit, the social networks were abuzz with reports of mental health problems. As public resources and awareness of mental health issues are limited in India, Mythili Hazarika launched a telephone counseling service to combat the problem. In April, her team studied 239 callers and found 46% of them were depressed, while 20% had anxiety and 5% had suicidal thoughts. The study convinced the government to act and launch a state-wide remote mental-health service.

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The global health crisis was particularly challenging for people suffering from mental illnesses, as it highlighted the many barriers to seeking help. In the United States, approximately 20% of adults had trouble accessing mental health services. There are also shortages of psychiatric hospital beds and mental health professionals, both of which contribute to limited access to mental health services. COVID-related cases of the virus also increased this shortage. Fortunately, the availability of online meetings for depression has widened dramatically.

Zencare offers online meetings for depression

If you’re looking for online support for depression, Zencare may be right for you. The nonprofit organization connects its users with therapists and lists virtual support groups. Groups are external and moderated by vetted Zencare therapists. Topics range from Coping Skills for Everyday Life to Managing Your Return to Work Anxiety. Monthly or weekly rates are available, and some groups even offer sliding scales.

Depression Understood

For people who can’t attend in person, online meetings for depression can be a great solution. There are several online resources available, such as Mental Health America’s support groups for depression. The site offers peer-to-peer support and community forums, which can offer useful advice and solutions for people who are in the same boat as you. These groups follow a strict structure to ensure that everyone has the same level of access to resources and support.

The benefits of online meetings for depression are largely similar to those of face-to-face meetings, including anonymity and judgment-free communication. Some participants said that they felt more comfortable discussing their issues with strangers and did not feel judged by them. There is no requirement for a formal diagnosis in online support groups, though it is recommended that you seek medical treatment if you’re depressed. However, if you have a specific diagnosis, online meetings for depression may be a better choice.

Livewell Foundation

The LiveWell Foundation offers free online meetings for depression. Participants sign in using their first names only and are led by trained facilitators. The meetings are designed as peer-to-peer support groups, not emergency mental health treatment or professional counseling. Although they are free, there are rules for participation, such as “no observer” policy. Those who want to attend a live meeting should contact the LiveWell Foundation to see if they qualify.

A peer support group is led by trained volunteers and are free to attend. Depression support groups provide new strategies to cope with symptoms, avoid relapses, and lead a meaningful life. They are free and open to the public, so anyone can join in. Although it can be intimidating to meet new people, these groups are a great way to find a community of people who share the same experience. Some groups also feature a pen-friend scheme.