Online Meetings For Eating Disorders

online meetings for eating disorders

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, joining a support group can help you gain insight and practice recovery skills. These groups are open to everyone, and many offer free memberships.

Online eating disorder support groups can be a great way to connect with people in your same situation. You can talk about common struggles and possible solutions, as well as share your successes in recovery.

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The Lotus Collaborative

The Lotus Collaborative is a free online meeting for people in recovery from eating disorders. It is hosted on Saturday mornings and offers a supportive environment in which to meet others, build relationships, gain insight and practice giving recovery support.

The team of therapists and dietitians at The Lotus Collaborative are all trained in trauma healing, mindfulness training, zen meditation, yoga, nutritional counseling, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Treatment is designed to help clients learn how to integrate recovery skills into their everyday lives. Clients are given weekly therapy assignments in which they work through and share their own experiences.


Eating disorders are complex mental health conditions that affect the body’s metabolism, brain chemistry and physical function. They can be treated with a combination of nutrition education, medical monitoring and sometimes medication.

The nonprofit F.E.A.S.T. is an online community for families affected by eating disorders and has been in existence since 2004.

They offer forums, webinars, and recordings for caregivers of patients in recovery. The group’s website is also a great source of information and resources for parents, clinicians, and patients.

Center for Discovery

Eating disorders are a complicated condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age, body size or gender. They are influenced by a complex interaction of genetics, environment, psychological health and other factors.

Online support groups are a great way to get help for eating disorders and find support from peers in recovery. These meetings are free and open to everyone, and many are led by clinicians or therapists.

Center for Discovery provides residential and outpatient treatment for eating disorders, co-occurring mental health issues, and substance abuse in locations across 11 states. It offers programs for men and women, teens, and family members.

The Alliance for Eating Disorders

If you’re recovering from an eating disorder, online meetings can be a great way to find community. They’re free, and there’s no stigma to joining.

Founded in 2000, The Alliance for Eating Disorders offers both virtual and in-person support groups that are facilitated by therapists. These communities help decrease isolation by providing an environment that fosters acceptance and compassion.

The Alliance also hosts trainings for health professionals on how to screen and diagnose eating disorders. These trainings are free to licensed physical and mental health professionals, and include Continuing Education Units.

National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

Online meetings for eating disorders offer a safe, supportive space for you to share your thoughts and feelings with others who understand your journey. These groups shouldn’t take the place of therapy or treatment, but they can help you stay on track while you’re in recovery.

The National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders is a free, nationwide resource for people living with an eating disorder. Its Helpline offers support, encouragement and treatment referrals.

If you’re a family member, this organization also provides an online support group for parents of people with eating disorders. The groups meet regularly and are conducted on HIPAA-compliant video platform Zoom.

Eating Disorders Foundation

Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, are serious mental health conditions that can be difficult to diagnose and treat. They can cause severe distress and affect a person’s ability to function in their daily life.

Online eating disorder support groups provide a safe space to share experiences with others who have experienced similar struggles. They can also help you find recovery and build a strong support network.

The Eating Disorders Foundation (EDF) offers a number of free support groups for people with eating disorders and their loved ones. They are facilitated by licensed professionals and master’s level clinicians.